Android: Netrunner LCG -?

Hi there,

is there anyone on the boards who’s playing the new Netrunner card game too? I recently got addicted to it and I am now in dire need of someone to play against :wink:

So, if there are some runners out there, please let me know. Let’s see if we can find a date for a match or two…

btw: even if you don’t have the game, but would be interested to play, no problem. I can provide enough decks of course…

I don’t know it, but would be happy to give it a try :wink:

Wuli plays it.

Is it compatible with the original? If so, I’ll see if I can find my cards …

Great game. The asymmetric design is wonderful.

I have the core game at home
but not sure i got the rules right and want to try it more often^^

@Melchior & -H-
Cool. I was thinking of meeting like 45 min prior to our weekly game on a Thursday for example. That should give us enough time to run a quick match with all the rules explaining and everything…

[quote="-H-"]Is it compatible with the original? If so, I’ll see if I can find my cards …

Great game. The asymmetric design is wonderful.[/quote]
The internet says it is not compatible. In general I’d be willing to give it a try, but since I do have ready to play sets for both factions, we could for starters just take those.

The asymmetry is awesome. Never really seen that in a card game before… Switch sides and you’ll play an entirely different game. Great!

[quote=“Bazhell”]I have the core game at home
but not sure i got the rules right and want to try it more often^^[/quote]
Yes, the rules are extremely poorly written. At first I thought it was just me, but turns out others are having the same problem. I actually had to watch the tutorial videos over here to fully understand the game. But yeah, if you want to play…!?

If it turns out we’re 4 players, we could also meet and have two games and help each other out with any questions or problems…

What about this Thursday? If that’s on too short notice, next week will also work. Later on we can meet also on a separate day, but these weeks are kind of busy…

This thursday i cant make

But next week i would very much like to play a round^^

no problem. That gives me enough time to build two solid decks for each runner and corp side with all the new cards from the Creation and Control expansion I just bought. :laughing:

Let’s talk about the time next week, but Thursday sounds very good!

Hey folks,

who’s in this week?

Thursday 6.30 pm at Spielbar.

If you come, can you bring your decks, too? I’d love to see what you did with the cards. Also, playing against decks that I built myself can be a little bogus…

I’m still in for 6:30. See you then!

Oh sure but i only have the standard decks because i did not quite get the rules

No worries. I’m a super noob, too. Even though I might have the potentially stronger cards I don’t really know what to do with them yet :wink:

From what I read in the other thread, Melchior will not be coming this week. So, it’s either the three of us or we can spontaneously find a fourth person. If we can’t find anyone, that shouldn’t be a problem either, cause I think the first game will be a tutorial one anyway.

So, anyone else interested??? :unamused: :sunglasses:

I’ll probably come directly from work so I’ll be there a little sooner than normal - I have no idea what the game is about though.

Its about a hacker trying to do his job and steal important informations of an corporation.

and each side plays VERY different

You’re really excited about this, aren’t you? If I knew what exactly you’re expecting, I’d try my best not to disappoint …

In any case, does this mean you’ll be playing? A fourth player would be great.

Thanks, Alrik, that was awesome!

It was really fun playing again after so long, and fun playing the corp, too. Nice to see that they handled the remake so well.

We must do this again!

I had a lot of fun too!

Now I think I will have to tweak the decks a little bit, especially the runner’s side. Maybe I even put an NBN corp deck together with those nasty trace and tag mechanisms… that’ll be fun :smiling_imp:

Sorry again, Bazhell. Next time you’ll be up to play… or - even better - we’ll find one more player… huh? anyone? :laughing:

Hi guys, I was wondering if you’re still having Netrunner meetups and if you’d be interested in another member? I’ve desperately wanted to get into the game for ages and finally bought the core set (hasn’t arrived yet though).

Although I’ve watched a few tutorial videos I’m still a noob having not actually played the game, but I’d love to meet up with a few people and play some games, even if the first few are a bit shaky for me.

Yeah sure^^

We didnt really have meet ups as to more like one meeting xD

but if we know that there are more people likly to play it we can arrange some things 4 this^^

Yes, bazhell’s right. We just had one meeting. But that was loads of fun.

We were meeting an hour prior to our weekly gaming night at Spielbar on Thursdays. Unfortunately we were just three players… But now, with another runner, we could start meeting for a game again.

Unfortunately the last couple of weeks were rather busy. But if you’re interested, I think next week on Thursday sounds like a good date for me.

This is addressed to Bazhell and -H- too of course!!