AL Season 9 or V.A.L.U.E. DM meetup

doodle didn’t have all that many participants, so let’s just put it on this date.

I’ll try to have a printout or 2 of the season 9 rules with me as well as proposed rules for our own V.A.L.U.E. system

the idea of this meetup is that we have plans about how we proceed during the upcoming AL season.

If you plan to be there, a quick reply here would be great

Quick reply

What time? I would prefer noon, as I have a Sunday Group that starts at 15:00

moved the time to 12 from 14

Thank you :heart:

I’d love to be there (and will be).
Quick question upfront: Will it be possible to DM Descent Into Avernus this season?

If you do, I am a dedicated player xD Been avoiding all the spoilers cause I LOVE the Blood War and wanna be in it as a Tiefling

Update: Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it after all. But I am sure I’ll be happy with anything you guys decide on. (although I am not sure when I can come back to AL)

I will try to make it!

Wish list:

  • allow custom adventures
  • Better magic item distribution
  • Optional: Start at level 5
  • Any source allowed for character creation

I just bought the thing yesterday together with the dice set (of which the actual dice are the least interesting thing) and can say that you did well avoiding spoilers.
I definitely plan on DMing this, although I see a challenge in keeping the story interesting for the possibly ever-changing player party, but let’s wait for the rules regarding that issue.
Long story short: I’d be happy to see you in my session :smiley:

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Sorry to be offftopic to the treat but I would love to join the adventure

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