AL Friday @ Spielbar, still going strong :)

I was mistaken yesterday, i’ll be there this week, i would love to play, but i will have CoS with me in case i need to DM

as usual please announce wether you’re going to be there and if you’d like to dm :slight_smile:

Comin’ as a player.

I want to come as a player too.

Would come as a player too :v:

i will be there as a player

I’ll be there as a player :slight_smile:

I have a general question: do we have any players who have a Tier 2 (level 5-10) character by now? Combining my progress as a player and from DM’ing, I could make one of my chars level 6 by now, but I’m wondering if there is any point ^^

Ive got almost lvl 7 wizard. Rene has lvl 6 rogue, and some other people can also get to tier 2 so yeah, we got those.

Ok, cool! I miscalculated in any case, I’m just level 5 :sweat_smile:

unless i get into project crunch mode, count me in!

Well I will be joining as a tier 1 character. Also could someone point me to the rules for resurrection?

See page 7 of the AL DM guide:

A character who dies during the course of the adventure has a few options at the end of the session
(or when arriving back in civilization during the adventure) assuming no one in the adventuring party has immediate access to a raise dead or revivify spell, or similar magic. A character subject to a raise dead spell is affected negatively until all long rests have been completed during an adventure. Alternatively, each downtime day spent after raise dead reduces the penalty to attack rolls, saving throws, and ability checks by 1, in addition to any other benefits the downtime activity might provide.

Dead Character Pays for Raise Dead.
If the character’s body is recoverable (it’s not missing any vital organs and is mostly whole) and the player would like the character to be returned to life, the party can take the body back to civilization and use the dead character’s funds to pay for a raise dead spell.

Character’s Party Pays for Raise Dead.
As above, except that some or all of the 1,250 gp for the raise dead spell is paid for by the party at the end of the session. Other characters are under no obligation to spend their funds to bring back a dead party member.

Faction Charity.
If the character is of level 1 – 4 and a member of a faction, a patron from the faction ensures that he or she receives a raise dead spell. However, any character invoking this charity forfeits all XP and rewards for that session (even those earned prior to death during that session), and cannot replay that episode or adventure with that character again. The character takes a -4 penalty to attack rolls, saving throws, and ability checks. Every time the character finishes a long rest, the penalty is reduced by 1 until it disappears. Once a haracter reaches 5th level, this option is no longer available.

Create a New 1st-Level Character.
If the dead character is unwilling or unable to exercise any of the other options, the player creates a new
character. The new character does not have any items or rewards possessed by the dead character.

i will be there as a player ^^

The rules have changed somewhat in Season 8, so what vic cited is not entirely accurate anymore. The short version is: Raise Dead (which works in most cases) costs 8 Treasure Checkpoints, Resurrection (which is needed when the body or significant parts of the body are destroyed or death occurred more than 10 days ago, but no longer than a century ago) costs 16 Treasure Checkpoints. You can be in dept for Treasure Checkpoints when paying for either of those (this is the only instance where you can be in dept for Treasure Checkpoints!), meaning you cannot spend Treasure Checkpoints on anything else until the debt is paid. 8 Treasure Checkpoints is relatively benign, its basically the amount of Treasure Checkpoints you earn for every 2 levels in Tier 1, or every 1 level in Tiers 2-4.

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Hey, I have a level 5 (tier 2) fighter.
I will be there this Friday as a player and I’ll bring a friend. I think we will both bring fresh level 1 characters to play in a tier 1 adventure.
I would love to play a tier 2 adventure some time. :-):smile:

alright so far i’m counting 10 players … but only 1 DM, and tbh i’m not feeling too well at the moment, i still plan on being there and running an adventure, but i can’t promise that my voice will be up to it so it might be a bit shorter than usual

but none the less we need at least a second DM, any takers? :smiley:

I won’t make it today after all. Getting over a cold, and I’m worried you might fail your Constitution checks and get it too :slight_smile:

so without vic there will be 9 players, i am allowed to do 7 at a table …so if no second DM steps up, i’ll have to deny some of you a place today
at least i’m starting to feel a bit better, still not sure whether my voice will hold up to the noise at spielbar or not

it’s ok I will join next time then

So there will only be a strahd table then. Am I right? Will step down tonight too then, if that’s the case. So you guys aren’t too many :slight_smile: