AL Friday @ Spielbar .. i've lost count :P

I will have a bit of Curse of Strahd prepared (it mostly depends on what the group decides to do), I wouldn’t mind being a player either, but let’s see how many DMs we get this time :slight_smile:

once again please announce wether you plan on being there and if you want to play or DM

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I’d like to come as a player.

All’s the same, i would play, adventure for tier 1-2 is ready just in case.

I’m going to come as a player ( ̄0  ̄)y

i will be there too

I will be there as DM (again, finally :grin:). I will bring a Tier 1 adventure, unless we are progressed so much by now that you prefer that I bring a Tier 2 adventure. I won’t have the time to prepare both, so chose wisely ^^

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go with Tier 1

Coming as a player!

For those who played the last AL session with me (all those weeks ago): I will continue the story line of Aetherglen and the Gulthias trees. That means, if anyone from the last session is at the table, you will have Furrball the Undead Kitty with you :grin: (a friendly, skeletal, undead cat - just as a reminder ^^).

I will be rhere as a player .

Haha! I remember an undead kitty! :skull_and_crossbones: :cat: The darkness of the mountains!
I’ll be there on friday and join your table! (for the sake of that kitty!)

I’ll bring my undead (?) flat mate, who’s too lazy to create his own RPG-Vienna account.^^
@SheVa @ what time do you want to start?

I would like to start again at 19:00, because I won’t get home with my shitty connections if we start too late ^^

Okay, that works for me.
I’ll be there on time. :sunglasses: :+1:

Will be there as a player. 18:30-ish

I would be there as a player.

Can’t make it after all. Have fun!

I’ll come as a player at about 7.

Happy to join as a player :slight_smile:

sorry that I am running late

Thank you all for the session. Especially Marcel and Lich. And Toni for making with me the most dangerous unit known to men.

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