AL Friday @ Spielbar - any of you got more of these adventures?

Where do you find adventures? I assume there’s some criteria for allowed adventures, but the ALDMG doesn’t really help. I might be able to prep something quickly for tomorrow.

in the ALCC is the list of allowed adventures

Alright, found it. Is there a list somewhere of what’s already been run at your tables so I’m not potentially repeating things?

nope not realy a list … we started one once though in this thread: New player, interested in DMing
i know that my stuff is still pretty much current as i’ve been running the Curse of Strahd hard cover for a while

Alright, I’ll prep DDAL08-00 Once in Waterdeep and run it if nobody else signs up to DM. That isn’t on the list and should be legal and fitting for level 1 characters, from what I gather. Seems like a really fun little adventure to run as well.

Oh yeah, do you guys usually play with miniatures? In that case I’ll see if I can scrounge up some board game pieces for it as well, might even manage to 3d print some stuff if I get home early enough today.

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We seem to have a list now, thanks to @vic :grinning:

awesome :slight_smile:

miniatures is usually the DMs preference, i do most of the time (and i will bring my battle map + markers + hero minis + nondescript game pieces), but from time to time i try to do theater-of-the-mind style

both have pros and cons, so it is up to you as a DM what you prefer and you don’t have to be consistent about that … i do have sessions where i do maps + minis for some encounters and theater-of-the-mind for others

I can confirm that I will be running a tier 2 adventure. I plan on running CCC-GLIP-02-01 - Blue Scales. I hope, nobody knows it!
Still need to figure out how the players can survive it, seems pretty deadly to me, but we will be okay :wink:

Tier 2 players who want to participate in that adventure: The adventure will take in a rather cold region, your characters would know that in advance.

If you have the time, please feel free to update your respective posts with the class you want to play, there are some optional adjustments I can make. That might save a little bit of time during the session.

@Resil: Will you be summoning demons? :laughing:
If yes, I will prepare some…

@vic: I wish you a very speedy recovery!

I’d like to come with a level 2 cleric :slight_smile:

Earlier this week I learned about druids! And now I would love to create a new druid character! And join a tier 1 table.

Will there be an open spot for me at the tier 1 table? :smiley:

i’ll bring my level 5 enchanter (wizard), and it looks like i’ll play at the T2 table as there will be lots of T1 players :smiley:

Do we have a dm for Tier 2?:sweat_smile:

Yup Mulog.
Ill play as either my Necro og gnome lvl 7. Or My warlock the mag… oh. Lvl 5

And yas. I would summon demons thank you very much)

I’ll bring my lvl5 bard/Warlock :sunglasses:

Hi guys I’d like to come today, lvl 2 ranger.

So just so I can orient, that’s a head count of 7 for the T1 table?

I wuold like to restart low tier, but I can probably play in both so if needed I can move to the tier 2.

Well by my count there are between 6 and 8 players who are T1 leveled, up to 7 I think are allowed for an AL table? The Adventure I’m running shouldn’t have any problems scaling to 7 either.

So you should be fine rolling a fresh character :slight_smile:

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