AL Friday @ Spielbar - any of you got more of these adventures?

Another Friday, another round of adventures :slight_smile:

I will NOT be running an adventure this time, so i hope some other DMs step up :slight_smile:

I plan on being there with my T2 (level 5) Wizard or one of my T1 (both level 1) characters, depending on what is needed.
If you plan on being there please leave a note here.

Im having a rather busy week. I dont know if I will be in the condition to DM. Ill come as a Player, but will have DoMM with me just in case. Ill be atier 2 player most likely.

I’d like to DM a Tier 1 adventure.


I would be very happy to play, sadly I definitely don’t have the time to DM :frowning:
I can play as needed, I have prepared a chleric a rogue a wizard and two warlocks but I don’t dislike other classes.

Lets say tier 1 adventure
Id like to go with a barbarian, I’ve got a good idea for a character
Tough level 5 would be ideal due the characters circumstances but I guess that would be op
Please reply

Adventure League characters have to start at level 1, we only ask about what character people bring because we have a wide spread of characters by now and the adventures are level restricted

I will keep that in mind

If someone is not afraid, I encourage to prepare a tier 2 adventure for our more advanced boiz.

After a long absence I plan in coming as a Player xD
I have a tier2, but I can also bring a Tier1
Looking forward to playing again;)

I’m coming as a player - I have lvl6 and a lvl1 characters I can bring.

EDIT: @mulog I’d love to play in your T2 adventure; my level 6 character is a half-elf bard.

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I plan on coming. I also both have tier 1 and 2 characters.
If I have the time I will try to prepare to DM a tier 2 adventure but I would be really excited to sit on @Vic’s table since I sadly missed his first game as a DM. Which adventure do you plan on running @Vic?
I can probably let you know tomorrow if I have the time to prepare an adventure.

Would it make sense to start a reference thread to compile a list of all the adventures that have been run by our various DMs?

So! After I had to cancel a couple weeks ago, gonna try this again.

Two friends and I would like to come, ideally as players since we’re very new. We have level 1 characters, Bard Rogue & Monk, that we’ve generated to be AL-conforming.

As it seems that we have a DM shortage I could offer to try DMing, though I’ve only played/DMed 3 sessions in my life, but I don’t know which adventures are really allowed for it or anything. I would prefer to play on the whole, though…

Question: Are there any spoilers for the “Waterdeep: Dragon Heist” HC in the season 8 AL adventures?
(I am looking for possible adventures to run on Friday but don’t want to spoil the campagne for myself since I am about to play in it).

@Ghoststalking: If all goes well @Vic and myself will be DMing so you guys should be able to play :blush:
It is always great to welcome new players!

Im dming dungeon of the mad mage, so Season 8 is on me.
Have you run Tomb of anihilation? I heard its pretty awesome.

@Resil you are running the hardcover DoMM but I was talking about the AL adventures of season 8, the singular modules if you like. So for example this one

It will be an adventure on the high seas this Friday I think :slightly_smiling_face:

I dont think anyone runs. So you are free to use them.

I am planning to come for the first time, sorry for asking but I don’t really know the campaigns, are we we playing 5e? If so I would like to play as a warlock (I have an hexblade 1lev and a archfey 2 lev) but I can also play other classes. I have already prepared also a warforged chleric lev1 but I modified the rules of this race because I find it a bit op. If we are playing some other edition I need to prepare an hero.

Its better that you create a character on the spot, cause AL rules are kinda specific

Ok nice :slight_smile: