AL Friday goes on and on and on

Another Friday in our sights, another night of adventuring in the league :stuck_out_tongue:

I would prefer to play this time, but i will have something Tier 1 and probably something else Tier 2 prepared in case we are in need of another table.

Once again please post if you intend to join us and if you are willing to dm or want to play.

I’ll try to be there an hour early as usual (around 18:30ish) in case anybody needs some help


So as always. Ima be there. I would prefer to play, but ill prepare a spare Tier 2 adventure just in case.

Edit: I will DM instead of playing, see post below.

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I’m going to come again as a playerヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

I’ll come as a player. Thanks for organising this all the time!

Hi! I played lots of board games, but now I wanna play something more serious)) Can I play with you?

Of course. Just come earlier so we could help you with the rules.:wink:.

Thanks)) Looking forward for meeting you

Plan on coming with a new character too :slight_smile:
Let’s see how long this one survives :smile:

Not long with me in the party)))

I will attempt to make it to play. Minimal experience with 5e but lots of enthusiasm and old old experience (1e and 2e, yes I’m old…)

hi i never played dnd and would like to try it would this be possibel ?

Joining to play, if there is space.

I would also love to join again, if there is a free spot ^^

Unfortunately, I cannot make it again - busy time for me, too many things overlapping :confused:

unless @Toni and/or @Simon show up and dm something it looks like there will be 1 Tier 1 table with me as dm, and 1 Tier 2 table with @Resil as dm

this means so far we have space for 7 players from level 1-4 and 7 players from 5-10, but the Tier 2 table will only happen if there are at least 3 players for it

I will come and bring +1 or 2. I can DM a Tier 1 adventure (the S1 hard cover, Hoard of the Dragon Queen). In case I DM, I will start at 7PM so we have enough time for the first episode.

I would love to dm as well!

I will prepare “treasure of the broken hoard” (DDAL05-01).

It is a fun treasure hunt split up into 5 separate 1-2 hour mini-adventures, ideal for new players. I will prepare at least 3 of them so enough to fill the evening.
If possible I would like to limit the table to 5 players (level 1 or 2), I would give preference to new players and am happy to explain rules and mechanics as we go along.

I will try to be there early as well but I am not sure if I have the time to bring pregens, log sheets etc.

unfortunately i cannot make it tomorrow :confused:

Guys, you play heir, right?