AL Friday goes on and on and on



Yes, exactly. Straight through the sliding doors (passed the toilets). We are the shifty looking group…


alright so we got @mulog and @Toni dming, with mulog limiting his table to 5 players, i’ll have an adventure prepared too in case we need more Tier 1 slots and @Resil will bring a tier 2 adventure in case we need it …

i think we’ll have plenty of spare spots this time :slight_smile:


I can arrange to show up if I am still needed… Otherwise, I’ll probably just catch up on sleep…


thanks, but sleep well, it looks like we’ll have enough dms :slight_smile:


I’ll be joining as well with a tier 1 character.

EDIT: I will NOT be joining with a tier 1 character. Something came up, but will try to be there next week. Have fun!


Ok came here, a little early…


thanks @mulog for doing a great job dming your first adventure :slight_smile:


Thanks @Tony for preparing today’s adventure. It was very interesting. And thanks to the other players for the pleasant company (✪ω✪)


Thanks to all for a fun evening!!!


Thanks to you and all the other fine players at my table!


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