AL Friday at Spielbar

Hello everybody,

Friday is AL day. Two tables are waiting for us at Spielbar, I’ll be there to DM the second chapter of Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

You can find me at the bar at 18:30, the game will start at about 19 o’clock. Bring a miniature or something that represents your characters if you have something.

On my table is room for 5 players. New people and returning players are always welcome, please leave a post here, if you are coming so I can amend our reservation in case needed. Please let us know in case you want to DM.

Looking forward to game night.


Ima comin’

Awesome! I am coming too!

Will come too :slight_smile:

I’m going to come too (^o^)丿

I’m also going to come

I will be there too

I’d like to come too.

I intend to be there!

I’d also like to come :slight_smile:

First timer, I’d like to join as well

It’s great that so many people want to come. Who would like to be our second DM?

I reserved two tables, 1 in the non smoking, 1 in the smoking area because the non smoking is booked for a birthday party.

I will try to prepare a tier 1 adventure (character level 1-4, new players are very welcome). I will let you know in a couple of days if I have enough time.
If you don’t mind @Toni, I would prefer the non smoking area… And thanks for setting this up!

+2 by me. Aaand ill also try to prepare an adventure juuust in case.

There were only 2 tables available, we are limited to 2 DMs and a maximum of 14 players. Not sure if we have more space in the smoking area, but if more people want to come, I can ask.

@mulog I would also prefer the non-smoking area.

I’ll also bring 1-2 players, so we are 14-15 people of which 2 need to DM.

@Toni you can have the non-smoking area! Thanks doing all the organisation!

@Resil I assume you rather want to play than to DM? I don‘t mind either way but it would be more time efficient to know :blush:
And it‘s awesome that you prepare something just in case because im still not entirely recovered from my cold…

Yup Id prefer to play. Buuuut, my adventure will be ready so you know, dont pressure yourself.

Thanks that’s good to know

I’m thinking of coming as a player too. Can’t say for sure today. 99% sure though

Should be able to make it as well. this time I actually flew in my dice and rule books :smiley: