AL Friday at Spielbar


Will come today too


I’ll come too


Is anyone that knows AL character creation rules going to be there a bit early? I’d like to tweak bob a bit.


Ill be


I will definitely come and DM. I will try to be there as early as possible. But maybe not before 19h. I plan to start around 19:15/19:30.
As always: New players are very welcome at my table and we will take the time to explain rules and learn the game as we go along.

Looking forward to it!


I’ll be there, but I’m super new to AL and don’t have my dice with me, is that a problem?


nope that should be fine. I’m fairly new to AL as well and people have dice by the bucket-full. I’ll happily share my set if needed


Sounds great! I’m assuming we should come with characters prepared? :slight_smile:


You can come with a ready character, or create it here if you come a little earlier. If you need help with this, I or someone else can provide it)


I’ll be there around 5ish because I have to fiddle with my char so you’ll be in good company :smiley:


Hey, looks like I won;t be able to make it tonight. Have a great time!!


I might come by even if it doesn’t seem like there’s an open spot for me


I don’t feel well so I can’t make it.


Thanks a lot for a great night guys, I had a lot of fun. Special thanks to @mulog for DMing a great adventure!

Thurug the half-orc is already bragging in every tavern up and down the Sword Coast how he was once with a party that killed a frost giant :muscle: Conveniently, he forgets to mention how he was hiding in a box for most of the fight.



Well, you (@vic) threw the bottle with the acid poison into the giant’s face, effectively blinding him. That was pretty important…

Thank you guys!! It was really awesome with you! Having you guys plan your attack against the sleeping frost giant for like 45 minutes or so without me needing to do anything was so much fun! And you came up with a pretty cool plan (which of course partly failed because DnD). But in the end nobody perma-died and you killed the giant!



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