Al @ 1070

So another Friday is coming up and we’ll have adventures again, this time @ Cafe Zehnsiebzig

Per usual i’ll try to be there at around 18:00, and plan to start playing around 19:30 (depending on when all my players are there).

I’m going to continue the adventure we started 2 weeks ago and the 7 players that were part of my table then have priority, this means my table is full already in theory (a place might open up if anybody can’t make it).
I’ll also have the follow up adventure prepared as we are probably going to finish within an hour or 2.

Also per usual i would love to have everybody announce there intention of joining us there, preferably including what tier of character you’re bringing or what tier of adventure you’re going to DM.

I will be there! For once quicker in confirming than @Resil

I have heard rumours that @Wonderwonka is going to DM (tier 1). In that case I would really like to play at his table (after DMing the last 7 sessions I attended!). I have a character specially created for him.

If he is not DMing I can DM tier 1 or 2. I have both tier 1 and tier 2 characters.

Yeah sure, you talked me into it :smiley:

I’ll be DM’ing a Tier 1 Table, The Heir of Orcus: Verse I.

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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Id plan to play. But I will have the DoMM ready just in case.

Coming of course…with my T1 fighter :slight_smile:

Coming with my T1 Bard :slight_smile:

comming with my t1 cleric

I will be there as a player will probably play a new char but will also bring my rogue if he is needet

Wilhelm and me will be there for the T1 Table, we have to save him from the Ghouls :slight_smile:

i’ll assume @TomTom1070 will be there and joining my table again, and i hope the same goes for @LittleMonkey and the 2 friends that went along :smiley: (still would love to get confirmation on those assumptions)

I’ll bring a +1 :slight_smile:

@Tersidian – yes, I’m in!

I’ll come too
edit: T1 or T2 possible

One thing i notice is that a lot of people don’t say anything about their Tier of character, i’ll just assume T1 for all of them, but still it would make my life a lot easier if people would actually read the opening post and answer accordingly …

under the assumption that everybody that didn’t post a character level or tier is Tier1 and under the assumption that @LittleMonkey and friends will also be there, that means both DMs that have announced themselves this time have 7 players and there is no more space until another DM readies something

T1 or T2 same to me

won’t be there

I’m in with my T1 rogue :slight_smile:

2 more T1 spots available right now :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I’m just in Vienna for the next few days by myself, and was wondering if I could come play with you? I’m going into D&D withdrawal…

of course, Adventurer League is meant for drop-in players, if you’ve never done AL before anywhere else, you’ll need to either prepare a level 1 character according to AL rules (ALPG 8.2 for Forgotten Realms from here, be there a bit early (i should be there at around 18:00, games usually start between 19:00 and 20:00) to create a character or take one of the pregens i usually bring along