Al @ 1070



Didn’t realize it was Adventure League, my bad. I’ll come in a bit early, then, as I’ve never been to AL before. So cool! Thanks!


Hi Tersidian.

Are we still playing the T1 Scenario we startet 2 weeks ago or do we start a new one because 3 of the players are not there tomorrow?



we’ll still finish the one we’ve started 2 weeks ago and if we’ve got time start (and maybe finish) the next part


thats cool :slight_smile:


I’ll be there at around 18:30, see you then


Is there still a T1 spot available? I have a friend who is curious about D&D and is thinking about coming


yes 1 should be left, if i’ve not miscounted


I should also be there around 18.30, T1 table


Alright, I’ll tell him to come along then :ok_hand:


Will not be there today car dosent start


@Jules is stuck at work so she’s not going to be able to make it, asked me to post.


And I’m running like 10 mins late, sorry.


Thanks to @Wonderwonka for DMing a super fun session!


so i hope everybody had fun even if my table managed to stretch a 4 hour adventure over 2 different session and ended up with a total of about 8-9ish hours of play :smiley:

i probably won’t be there next week and not sure about the week after yet, but i’ll try to help organize a bit, but it’d be awesome if a couple more dms could help out like @Wonderwonka did today, especially so that the regular dms like @mulog or @Resil get to play a couple of times too :slight_smile:

post for next friday will go up soonish, i promise :slight_smile:


even if we strechted the Adventure a little bit more then usual i dont regret anything we did. The Puke orgie was hilarious :slight_smile:

@Tersidian Thx again for your efforts, and your patience with our “Step in every possible fight” behavior for me it was a great night :slight_smile:


@Tersidian great session! The Dwarf hitting always everything but the undead was also great fun!:grinning:
Looking forward for next time!


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