AL @ 1070 - You want to go on an Adventure?

New Friday, new Adventure(s)!

I most likely won’t make it this week, but i hope a couple of DMs step up.
Per usual please announce wether you plan to come, if you want to DM and what Tier (or level) of Character/Adventure you’re going to bring.

Im not entirely sure if I will show up, but if I will Ill dm DoMM Tier 2

Plan on coming and to DM for tier 1. More info soon.

Coming with my T1 fighter, @mulog😊

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Robert and I will come to for a T1 Table.

I’d like to come with my T1 ranger.

I woulde like to try to dm Tomb of Annihilation but it would be the first time so if we have more experienced dms i wouldend mind to play a new t1 char or my t2 rogue

I’m game for Tomb, T1 Character. Might start a new one for it if you plan on running it more frequently or just stick to my Bard.

Then Id probably play at Renes table.

i might be there after all, not 100% sure yet though, if so i’d bring a T1 and T2 character as well as maybe a T1 adventure (only in case there is need for another table)

Hi there, new here but my friend and I would like to come and join in on Friday. Would that be possible?

sure, new players are always welcome and considering posts so far there will be enough spots available.

You can either prepare characters according to AL rules found here in the ALPG 8.2 for Forgotten Realms, come as early as possible to create characters with help or take one of the pregens if i’m there (not sure who else brings pregens along usually)

Ah, awesome, thanks!

Just one question, because I’m not sure I fully understand tiers… do we have to start at tier 1/level 1? Or can we bring level 3 characters (which I guess would still be tier 1?), because that was the plan…

it’s Adventurer League, you have to start at level 1

Help me decide whether I should come to this or to my work’s karaoke night…?

(Just kidding, I’ll obviously be there. Looks like there won’t be a T2 table for my beloved level 9 bard though, but I’ve already got a lvl1 character I’ve been waiting to play)


I see, thank you.

So, I plan on running “Citadel of Vlaakith”. That is a tier 1 adventure (character levels 1 to 4 allowed). It is a 4 hour adventure, so if possible I want to start at 18:30. That is also a guaranteed level up! (If your character survives and you don’t finish the adventure too quickly).

“But mulog, what the Firbolg!”, I hear you say, “This does not sound like a Glip Dak adventure! Where are my hobgoblins!??”.
Fear not, it sure is a Glip Dak adventure and you will have the opportunity to kill more hobgoblins than ever before. And you will be able to go further than any dentist before you!

There is more: I am experimenting with paper minis. So if you feel like you might end up at my table, you can tell me what special visual features, class, race and gender (if any :rainbow_flag:) your character has, I can see if I can bring something fitting. This is completely optional and I will try to bring some more generic hero minis.

(the adventure code is: CCC-GLIP-01-03)

If perchance there will be place in your game, and there will be an experienced dm in ToA, I would play as my lanky, extra thin Gith wizard.

Hello, a friend and I might want to come as well. Maybe I overread the location but where would this be? We do have some experience in dnd. Mulogs adventure does sound interesting.

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1070 = Zehnsiebzig, it’s a Cafe in 1070 :smile: . Burggasse 68/1!