AL @ 1070 - You want to go on an Adventure?



Makes sense xD. We’ll be there. :slight_smile:


Semi off topic heads up: @Tersidian and I won’t be there on the 22nd of February (Friday next week).
Just wanted to give potential DMs a heads up…


Me too btw, Im off to a vacation.


So it would be great to have other DMs step up, like @vic or @rene.
It would also be the perfekt time for @Toni or @SheVa to return!


I want to come today, preferably play, but I am also okay with DMing in case it’s needed. I would love to play my LVL 3? druid, or a new LVL 1 bard or fighter.

In case of DMing: I would either continue Hoard of the Dragon Queen at chapter 3, or redo one of my previous adventures, whichever the group prefers.


today it looks like we’ll have enough DMs, at least considering the announcements here
next week there’ll probably be a need for DMs as @mulog mentioned :smiley:


Oh sorry, I can’t come next week.


Seems I won’t be able to come after all. Have fun!

PS: I could probably prep a T1 adventure for next week, sure.


As I can’t come tonight because of a sickness, I can prepare “Lost Mine of Phandelver” for next week.
I hope it is adventurer’s league legal …


@Nepu: Shame you can’t come tonight. Have a speedy recovery!
Lost Mine of Phandelver is adventure league legal. It is a hard cover, so you can award advancement-/treasure-checkpoints for actual game time (as long as the players make progress).

There are however some notes about the items players can find in the “Adventurers League Content Catalogue v8.07”:

Dragonguard. This is a rare breastplate.
Hew. This is an uncommon battleaxe.
Lightbringer. This is an uncommon mace.
Spider Staff. This is a rare staff that requires
Staff of Defense. This is a rare staff that requires


Thanks again for your help :sweat_smile:


Will come like always


@mulog thanks for the great evening! I had lot’s of real fun :grinning:


Thanks to you @Hamer and all the other players at our table for a really fun session! And we managed to complete the adventure in one session!

You received the following story awards:

In Your Debt
You have successfully rescued the bodies of four
unfortunate adventurers:
• Yowen Kar of Clan Vallahir is a hill dwarf
warpriest who acts suspicious of elves. He hides
his care for others behind a hard demeanor. His
current companions complain of his surliness.
• Darius Dawnguard is a squire of the reborn Order
of Dawnfire, a sect of Lathandar. He has made an
oath to search for dangerous artifacts and dispose
of them.
• Vellona the Orphan made a pact with a mysterious
entity after she fled into a forest after the
destruction of her village. She seeks to unlock the
magic in her blood to sunder this bargain.
• Lalitha Dae’Danin is an elf noble and druid who
dresses as a man to hide from an arranged
marriage with a tyrannical and powerful high elf
They express their enduring gratitude to you, some
with tears and hugs, others (the grumpy dwarf) with
a practical, gruff thank you of a job well done.
Should you die during any Glip Dak adventure,
these heroes will tirelessly search for you and have
raise dead cast upon your body. You pay only the
material component cost (as per the acolyte
background). Once you are rescued once, the debt is
paid, but the friendship remains.

Vadd Narkoz
Guard Captain Hrogar invites you to a private
ceremony within the central hall of Glip Dak, a
massive Netherese building of exotic stone. There he
and other officers thank you for your service and
discretion, awarding you Vadd Narkoz, “Strong
Warrior,” in this private proclamation. The
hobgoblins of Glip Dak acknowledge you as a worthy
and trusted ally.
For future Glip Dak modules, the adventurer has
advantage on Charisma checks when interacting
with Kroth Magg soldiers and guards.

If you already have the Vase Narkoz reward, you receive the following one:

Lozz Nying, (“Pony Gift”).

In this public ceremony, a
pony, bridle, and riding saddle are bestowed upon
those that earned Lozz Nying.

You unlocked the following magical items:

Dread Helm (2 treasure checkpoints)
Wondrous Item, common
This fearsome steel helm makes your eyes glow red
while you wear it.
This item can be found in Xanathar’s Guide to

Mithral Half-Plate (8 treasure checkpoints)
Armor (half-plate), uncommon
This armor is obviously Githyanki in design. It is
ornamented with tassels, ribbons, and bone
Mithral is a light, flexible metal. If the armor
normally imposes disadvantage on Dexterity
(Stealth) checks or has a Strength requirement, the
mithral version of the armor doesn’t.
This item can be found in the Dungeon Masters

You didn’t unlock the Lost in Space story award (I am not kidding, this exists).


Thx Mulog, it was realy a nice Session :slight_smile:

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