AL @ 1070 - return of the bloody DM :P

well we won’t have an AL tier 2 table today, so maybe some of the T2 players will be interested in simm’s non AL game… i’m kind of in the “let’s wait and see” modd atm :smiley:

If it’s enough T2 for a table, I’ll make it a T2 adventure :slight_smile: .
And for people who might be interested, I was planning on making a tavern based adventure, where you just bought a tavern, and things happen :smiley: hopefully exciting things. And if it sounds boring, I also have got a more traditional scenario.

I’m in, T2 Lvl 10

That’s high level! I wasn’t ready for such powerful people :stuck_out_tongue: but I’ll do my best :slight_smile:

I have also a 5th lvl Barbarian who I like to play a lot

Sounds more like something in the range I was aiming for :slight_smile: But play whoever you like! I’ll just adapt :wink:

Hey I might drop by really late, how long you guys playing?

A big thanks to @Lup for DMing a super fun session! Great job!


thanks for my players for making this a very fun evenying in this underwater adventure

you unlocked and gained a couple of things:

Story Rewards:
Deal with Dawn’s Beacon
You’ve allowed the artifact called Dawn’s Beacon to place you under an extremely powerful enchantment. At some point in the future, if you find yourself in the presence of the Xanathar, you must attempt to kill the creature. This enchantment doesn’t take full effect until you reach 9th level. So,
between 1st and 8th level this enchantment doesn’t compel you to action. Evidently, Dawn’s Beacon wants you to have a chance of success.
When this condition has been fulfilled and if you find yourself in the presence of this creature, you must attempt to kill it immediately. Each round you choose not to attack the Xanathar, you must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw DC 17 or take 3d10 psychic damage, or half as much on a successful
save. This enchantment is only dispelled if you succeed at your task, or if you’re the recipient of a wish spell.

Magic Item Unlocks:
Ersatz Eye
Cost: 2 TCP (T1-4)
When used, this orb swirls with a pearlescent mist within.
This artificial eye replaces a real one that was lost or removed. While the ersatz eye is embedded in your eye socket, it can’t be removed by anyone other than you, and you can see through the tiny orb as though it were a normal eye. This item can be found in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

Pot of Awakening
Cost: 2 TCP (T1-4)
This clay pot is stamped with an oak leaf, the holy symbol of Silvanus.
If you plant an ordinary shrub in this 10-pound clay pot and let it grow for 30 days, the shrub magically
transforms into an awakened shrub (see the Monster Manual for statistics) at the end of that time.
More information is available in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

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@Tersidian: A pleasure as always, thx for the awesome adventure!!

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