AL @ 1070 - return of the bloody DM :P



I’ll be there with a T1 (lvl 1) & T2 (lvl 7).


Will be there with a friend. Both T1 Chars lvl 3.


I’ll be there with a T1 and T2 :slightly_smiling_face:. If it’s not too many people already.


Will be there to continue HotDQ, trying to run chapter 4 for the first time.


I’ll be there with my T1 cleric (lv.3)


Guṙ (T1) will be back again.
Lets save some Kobolds and slay some peasants … or was it the other way 'round? :wink:


I’d like to come as a player (T1 or T2). Hope it works out this week


I am sorry, but I have to cancel this week.


Looks like we are 1 DM short at the moment.
So I will see if I can find the time to prepare something. I’d probably re-run a previous adventure.
However there is again a small risk that I have to leave mid game (birth)…

If somebody else could prepare something (maybe @Lup, @Babybonkers, …?) that would be amazing of course.


I’m not there this week. I have a Tournament in Bad Vöslau. Terribly sry.


Sorry for taking my sweet time, but yes I’ll be there, and I’m happy to run something :slight_smile: Which tier do we need?


Awesome! Probably tier 1…

@Babybonkers No worries, have a great time!


Headcount: 20 so far? I’m trying :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes! :+1:
That means 3 tables at the moment…


Is it allowed to run a custom adventure in case of a lack of Dm’s?


Sorry I have to cancel, too.


well it wouldn’t be AL legal, so people couldn’t progress their AL characters, besides that i personally don’t have a problem with it


Then just in case it’s over crowded, and there’s people who are interested, I’ll bring a homemade scenario :grin:


I will try and come ^^
Probably earlyer around 18:00
So i can maybe get some help with charakter stuff and some basic training maybe? ^^


Who would be interested in @Simm’s game? Id be up for it, especially since I don’t need any tier 1 AL character advancement…
If we want another AL legal table besides Tersidian’s and Lup’s I would re-run Breath of the Yellow Rose (4 hours, tier 1) and try to start as early as possible.

@Resil: Sorry you can’t come.