AL @ 1070 - discover sandy beaches, journey underwater and freeze to death in a winter wonderland

you’ll need to read the ALPG for Forgotten Realms, also please announce yourself in the thread for next week which usually goes up during the weekend

Alright I will do so. Thanks!
How long do you usually play?

usually the games go from 19:00/19:30 until 23:00/00:00. so about 4h-ish. Some DM’s run Hardcovers like @Resil (see above) but usually there is both although i myself find it sometimes hard to join an ongoing story in the middle.

Coming with a T1 and a T2 character. See you all on Friday!

Also coming with a T1 and T2 character :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll be there, T1 or T2, whatever we need.

I’m in

I’d like to join too, T1 or T2

Soo if my math is not wrong the headcount so far is:
9 T1 Players (excluding @Tersidian)
7 (potential) T2 Players

1 T2 DM (@Resil)
1 T1 DM (Me)

correct me if i’m wrong but i think that means we Need a 3rd table meaning that @Tersidian we would Need you as a T1 DM -.-

yeah i expected that … i’ll either prepare DDEX3-02 - Shackles of Blood or maybe i’ll just bring something i’ve run before

I’ll probably come too. T1 or T2

I DM’d Shackles of Blood three weeks ago, so just make sure you get players who haven’t done it. It’s super fun though :blush:

oh … i should have checked the adventure list thread … :smiley:
maybe i’ll check out something else tomorrow, or i’ll bring a second one and present a choice … :slight_smile:

I will come, either DMing Hoard of the Dragon Queen or playing a T1 or T2 character.

well with toni we got some Option concerning DM’s lets see what happens tongith

Hey not sure if its too late, but i’d like to come if possible… T1 or 2 i’m good either way

not too late see you then!

Hey guys! Looking forward to tonight. What’s headcount atm? I’m at 20 or so :blush:

i’m counting 24

im at 22 :wink: now this is interesting!