AL @ 1070 crushed by the soulmonger, get eaten by dragons, die by the flame



I will be there with my t1 cleric.


I’ll come as well with a t1 sorceror.


I’m coming, ToA table


I’ll be there, tier 2 ranger, ToA if possible


I will most likely bring a +1 again.

Edit: My +1 is confirmed.

That would bring us to 18 people (including DMs) so we would need 3 tables.
Thus I plan on DMing Flames of Kythorn (DDEX2-05, 4 hours, tier 1) again.
It is a roleplay focused investigation story but still contains a few (apparently deadly) combat encounters.
It is the continuation of Embers of Elmwood (DDEX2-02).


Hello! If it’s not to late to announce myself, I will be coming and bringing a friend with me. We would both be playing tier1 characters.

Edit: typos and grammar mistakes



I am new and I’ll try to come with a t1 character. Probably I’ll be there early.


@Elderan, @DanDan there is still space and it is always great to welcome new players!

But please make sure to tell us here in the forums if you can’t make it, even if it is on short notice so we don’t wait for someone who is not coming.

At the moment I am counting 21 people (including 3 DMs). So with 3 tables we have room for 3 more players.


21 people so far if i haven’t missed any, 3 more spots open until we need a 4th table
@mulog you ok with me joining your table again with a character … i want to finish that adventure! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure! But you kind of completed 99% of it. So apart from the final fight and the conclusion you basically have seen everything, not sure if it would be worth it for you tbh. Let’s talk about it on Friday.

Or are you scared that @Resil is trying to kill your character? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


pah he could try and would fail if i build a character specific to avoiding it at least … :smiley:
for now we’ll have to wait and see if we are good with 3 tables or actually need a 4th … (it feels like we’ll hit that milestone any week now)

i might bring a shadow sorcerer or a storm sorcerer of my own this time, or a monk … i like the monk, but if i go with monk i might go with an unusual race (too bad that i still would prefer drunken master otherwise i could go with a race from volo’s)


Haha! :laughing:

Drunken master tortle? :turtle: + :beer:

You probably have a tier 1 adventure that you could dm, right (if we’d need a 4th table)?


Yeah if we need a 4th table i’ll have a T1 adventure ready to go probably (or rerun one i’ve run in the past to make it easier on me)

also nope I wouldn’t go tortle … too cheesy, i’m thinking Bugbear, Kobold, Goblin or Firbolg, with any of these i would probably go Open Hand or Shadow


Thats trademarked btw


I will be joining the toa table with a t2 lvl6 cleric


Should be good for tomorrow. Korvan was brought back to light, erhmm, and miraculously stronger than before :slight_smile:
May join as T2 or T1, depending on what’s available…


What does kill you, makes you stronger.


Hey, I’ll be there with my t2 cleric if there’s any space left at the toa table


we now have diamonds for you


will come on friday