AL @ 1070 Blizzards in Barovia, Rainstorms in Chuult or anything in between awaits

Another week, another (couple of) adventure(s)!
We’ll meet and play at Cafe Zehnsiebzig @ Burggasse 68 in 1070 vienna :smiley:

I’ll bring the next chapter of the stories focused on the little village of Orasnou in Barovia. It’s a Tier 1 Adventure (levels 1- 4)

If you plan on coming please respond here and tell us if you plan to DM or play and what tier/level of adventure and/or character you’re bringing :slight_smile:
For those new to Adventurer League, you’ll have to start at level 1 if you’re a player. You can either create a character ahead of time - make sure to adhere to the AL rules found in this pack (ALPG for Forgotten Realms), alternatively you can pick up one of the pregens we should have at the venue or if you come ahead of time someone can help you create a character on the spot.

I’ll be there at around 18:00ish.

I’d like to come. Hopefully as a player–I’d like to continue @rene’s ToA, had a lot of fun last time–but I’ll prep a T1 adventure too, just in case.

Coming as a Player or a T2 dm of Dungeon of the mad mage.

I would like to dm but also can play t1 or t2

will be there

So if we already have two DMs and two backup DMs I will come as a player.
I have both T1 and T2 characters.
I would prefer to play at @Tersidian‘s table since I DM quite a bit so I don’t want to commit to a longer story line like ToA.

I will probably have a tier 1 adventure prepared just in case (DDEX2-02 - Embers of Elmwood).

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I’ll be there, I currently have lvl3 and lvl9 characters

Robert and I will each come with a lvl 3 character. I with my Warlock and he Pala or Barbarian.

I’ll be there with a t1 character

I will be there two, with my Fighter who’s now T2 (5th lvl). I would like to joint the ToA, if it is a T2 table. But I will have also a backup T1 Char, just in case…

ToA is tier 1 to tier 2, so you are fine.
In general: If you start a hardcover with a character, you are allowed to continue playing the adventure, even if you progress outside the level range, as long as you don’t play with that character in a different hardcover.

I would like to come as well and play, this would be my first time here in vienna and the first time in a loong time. I have created a few charachters just for fun but I will come at 18:00 I would deffenitly appriciate some help with them.
I would also be really interested in joining a group planning to start a long camapaign.

I have created one charater based on Xanthars guide to everything. is that book ok with AL?

yes it is ok, you can use PHB + 1 book of your choice, more details can be found in the pack i’ve linked above

I’ll be there as a player

Hey, I’ll be there with a t1 character

I will likely be there, with a T1 character c:

I’ll be there as a player with a T1 character

I will try to be here today as well continuing ToA @rene with my t1 cleric.

Just don’t argue with any more bookies!

PS: We got 4 AP for last Friday, so I believe your cleric can level up.