AL @ 1070 Blizzards in Barovia, Rainstorms in Chuult or anything in between awaits



I am counting 16 people including DMs at the moment. So if more players join us, we will need a third table, probably tier 1.

@vic, how do you feel about potentially DMing? Or would you rather play ToA?


I would prefer to play, but I can DM if needed, sure. Unless @Resil wants to continue DoMM (I believe there are enough players for a T2 table as well).


No problem, I can DM as well. So you can play for sure!
About the T2 table, I am not so sure: Rene is going to DM, Hamer wants to continue ToA and I can’t play DoMM because I will play that in a home game… Which leaves Lup I guess…

Anyway: I basically wanted to know if I should have a look at my adventure again :blush:

About my adventure (DDEX2-02 - Embers of Elmwood). It is a 4 hour tier 1 adventure set in Mulmaster (“The City of Danger”). The players will be investigating the aftermath of the complete destruction of the village of Elmwood. No physical or magical cause of the destruction could be determined…


Erikah will fight Halaster by himself if he has to (and by fight I mean seduce, probably)!
But yeah I’m happy to play T1 haha


You can also play Erikah in ToA, that is tier 1 & 2 :+1:


I will try to be nice :wink:


Thanks for a great session, even though we lost our gnomish compadre.


Couldn’t agree more!
Thanks @Tersidian and all the lovely players!


hope everybody had fun, i sure did :smiley: even if i killed the wrong guy


Looking forward for the next round of ToA!

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