AL @ 1070 - adventurer's safe space

Meeting place is Cafe 1070 @ burggasse 68, 1070 vienna

If you plan on being there please announce yourself and tell us what you are bringing, so if you plan to DM please tell us what Tier of adventure it will be, if you plan on playing what Tier of character it will be (T1: level 1-4, T2: level 5-10, T3: level 11-16, T4: level 17-20)

For new players: you can either create a character according to the ALPG found here or be there early so one of the more experienced players/DMs can help you create one of your own

I won’t be there this time, so i hope enough other DMs will step up. Have fun everyone

Im gonna continue DoMM since the story just got interesting.

I will attend with my t1 and t2 characters as usual. Dunno if i can prepare an Adventure to DM will update as the week goes by.

Sorry this time my Barbarian is out of town.
Have Fun guys and see you in two weeks!

I had fun, I’ll be back :wink:

Tier 1 very smart Barbarian at your service.

I’ll come with a tier2 and tier1 character
Maybe I’ll be a little late though

I’ll be there with T1+T2

I’ll be There playing t2. And this time you wont get me to Fight the Boss naked @Resil xD

I am coming. I can play (T1 or T2) or DM tier 1 (Breath of the Yellow Rose, probably). I’d prefer to play however.
Looks like a small group tonight (7 people?), maybe 1 table will be enough, however we have 1 player who only has a tier 1 character by the looks of it…

@Babybonkers will you have something prepared?

Sry i didn’t even have tine to write that i can’t prepare something :cold_sweat:. The adventure i spotted is semi prepared at best. So the only iptions i see is that either @Resil doesn’t dm t2 and we make a t1 table or that our t1 friend boosts. I could try to force preparation until tonight if you want me to @mulog.
What do you want to do?:wink:

I’ll be there with my T2 Ranger

So we have 7 players. We can have either a t2 table I guess @theTyke could foreseeably be boosted. Or we have a small t2 and a small t1 table.

Didn’t know whether or not I could make it this week until 5 min ago.
I’ll be there with my T1 char.

Okdoki, so today we’re at 7ish people, correct?

8 for now

I would propose 2 small tables at this Point (when more People announce themselves we would have to split anyways. I will prepare my T1 Adventure now and hopefully will make it… Chrunchtime!!

No stress! As I said I have a T1 adventure that I can run!

@TomTom1070, @Resil I am counting 9 people. So definitely 2 tables.

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Alright but only because i also have to pack for the Weekend :wink: BIG Thanks Mulog! Next time we bot hare at AL i will run an Adventure for you (cause ist cool :wink: )

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I need to cancel, something came up. Hf guys!

I’ll be there, T1 or T2, preferably with the sea weed boyz, getting my kobold king the opportunity to determine Tiamat’s feasibility as a lawfully wedded wife.
Sry for the late reply, didnt know if I would make it today.