Adventurers League (DDHC): Descent Into Avernus @ Cafecafe 1070

Any day of the week would do just fine for me, I am free after 18:00, I would assume that the classic all time favorite starting hour is at 19:00. :smiley:

I can do Tuesdays but I would prefer a 7.15/7.30 start, depending on where we play.

Any day during the week after 18:00 is fine for me. So Tuesday 19:30 sounds good to me.

Tuesday will work perfectly, but i would also prefer 19.15/19.30

By the way would love to join with my fallen Aasimar Warlock. (certainly L1)

@PatrickD: That sounds almost too fitting, I love it :grin: Keep in mind that there are new character background features that tie you Baldur’s Gate if you would like that and even one completely new background.

After @Rayce_Kaiser replies regarding the time and space, my next question will be if you would like to play the adventure really in AL or not.

They sounds nice but as background i would like to take the “hounted one” from CoS which would be also the trigger moment of the falling and only the pact allowed him to keep sanity. Reading strange tombs out of curiosity and gather more information about the evil of the world not always leads to a better fighter for the good. As what I read the background should be AL legal and does not count as the +1. I’m fine with play AL rules (which opens the option to play the same char after the adventure on a Friday (in case he comes back from hell).

Alright, that is also fine. I’m delighted to get to know more about him :slight_smile:

The adventure is designed from level 1-13 (I think I didn’t mention that).

Don’t forget the additional options for new Season 9 characters, as stated on the last page of the AL Player’s Guide, especially if you are playing an Aasimar or Tiefling.

Not sure if I wanted a different background feature but my character is a dwarven forge cleric obsessed with becoming the best craftsman possible. I had gone guild bg but if there is a feature that is appropriate then I could go for that

Heyo, if we’re doing every other week, Tuesdays starting 19:00 that is great!

I do have another group I am playing with alternate Tuesdays, so I could start as early as the 15th.

Damnit, this is full, I take it? I was really looking forward to this adventure too :smiley:

Personally I am okay with 19:00, but I think @Samgiblett and @PatrickD would rather start at 19:30.

I can also offer Monday, if a collision with your other group is too risky (you, if one of the groups has to reschedule or something).

Whichever day it’s going to be, the week starting with the 14th works perfectly.

@Ghoststalking: I am afraid it is :confused: But if someone drops out for any reason you are number 2 on the waiting list!

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Alright, if anything changes just ping me here in pm or @Chekov#3347 on the discord, cheers!

edit: stupid

I’m up for whatever time. There shouldnt be any conflict on Tuesdays as the DM of the Tuesday group is also a player in another alternating Tuesday group xD

As to hosting I’m up for it! I live in 1030, 5 minutes out from either Kardinal-Nagl-Platz or Schlauchthausgasse U3. There is also a Dunya store in my apartmentcomplex that is open until 20:00 for any who wish to purchase last minute snacks/drinks

Monday would work for me, too. Just the week 14.-18.10 I’m not available. I’m in Germany have to organize a few things there. I can make it also 19.00 but it would be just enough time to drop my backpack at home to go to 1070. If it would be somewhere else I have to come direct from work.

I can make 7.00 at Cafe 1070 but would possibly be a little late sometimes. Maybe we can aim for 7.00 but be a touch flexible if people are running late?

For clarification will it be once per week or every other week?
Mondays or Tuesdays (19:00 or 19:30) work for me!
Hopefully there will be time to go over things the first session and make a character as I don’t have one premade and have been out of the loop in D&D for awhile!!

To be honest, Monday is a bit more convenient for me.
Also, if it doesn’t stress anyone (as this is our leisure time and we want to have fun) we can gladly meet at 19:00 and hang out / nerd around until everybody is present.

Regarding location: @Rayce_Kaiser just offered his place to play at, at which we will probably more undisturbed than in the 1070. I think this is a good idea and would seize that opportunity, as long as nobody has a problem with that?

One more thing: Would you guys rather play in English or in German?

@Benjikell: Yes, we will have a session 0 to help anyone with their character creation if needed and introduce the new background features and find out what’s your party’s dirty little secret :wink:

Monday is possible but Tuesday is better for me.
@Rayce_Kaiser where abouts is your place?

I don’t speak German well at all… English would be my strong preference.

Sounds great, English is also my very strong preference if that’s alright with everyone else! looking forward to it!