Adventurer League Friday livens up Spielbar once again

I’ll be there DMing chapter 2 of the Bleeding Gate adventure - Bleeding Gate: Amalgamation.
If anybody else plans to dm something, as usual please announce it here.

Those that plan on being there as players also please post so we can try to reserve enough space @spielbar :slight_smile:

[edit]btw as usual i will be there early (probably around 18:00), so if anybody wants to create their own character and/or needs help with anything AL related, you know where to find me :stuck_out_tongue: [/edit]

I will be there, I would also bring a +1 with me who is new to the game.

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Since I’m already DMing two of my regular campaigns on Wednseday and Thursday this week and have a seminar/retreat at work on Friday that could run very long, I will skip DMing AL this Friday. If I can get out of the seminar/retreat thingy early enough, I might join as a player.

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Will gladly continue the bleeding gate adventure.

I will DM something. Probably the last part of Defiance in Phlan.

I will be there as a player. Looking forward to it!


First DM drink is on me, by the way.

See ya!

I’ll come as a player!

Hi there, I should be able to make it this week. Looking forward to playing!

If there is space, I’m joining. Regardless, I’ll come there and am willing to step out if there is no space.

Hi all, planning on coming tomorrow.
Should I create an AL character at lvl 1 or a at a suitable level for tomorrow’s adventure(s)?

AL characters always have to start at level 1 only exceptions are some adventures with premade characters … but those adventures don’t give much of any rewards for the players own character

I might bring +1 newbie with me. As an expert I am now I would need help with explaining the rules. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

explaining stuff at the table, before or during the game, shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:

Will probably come too :v:

Thanks. Will there be any lvl 1 or 2 adventures? Basicallt, should I bother :slight_smile:

yes we currently only run tier 1 (level 1-4) adventures, and there probably will be at least 1 tier 1 table for the foreseeable future

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I would love to join (as a player)!

Grimnar reporting to duty ;3

Yeah I’ll be there on friday. (as a player) :grin:
See you guys soon

something came up so it will only be me this time.