Adventurer League Friday livens up Spielbar once again



hey everybody, my name is rene, i am 23 and i would love to join you today if this is this possibly.
i am a total noob and have zero experience, except some pen and paper videos from rocket beans. so please be patient with me haha.
would there be anything i can watch/ read to get a little head start on this specific setup.


well www. but unless you know the dnd 5e rules some of it won’t make much sense to you :smiley:, there should be links to the basic rules on there somewhere too i believe



For the last days I was searching for places to meet DnD players, and I just found this wonderful thread here. Is it still possible to join this evening?

I played a little bit dnd 3.5 as a teenager, also vampires and shadowrun. Since then I haven’t played, but I would love to and I’m very motivated to learn.

Hope to see you at Spielbar!


yes you’re welcome to join, if i didn’t miscount we still have 1 slot open (including you in the count), i’ve not counted @SheVa as he isn’t sure whether he can come or not


Perfect, thanks for the fast reply! Looking forward to meeting you all!


@Tersidian It is pretty clear by now that I will not make it in time for tonight (we are behind schedule like crazy ^^), so my slot is indeed free for the taking :slightly_smiling_face:


I know it’s very late but I’d love to join. If there aint space, thats fine. See you guys at spielbar!


thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
see ya


Will arrive in 15min


this was a lot of fun for me at least … even though nobody died … :smiley:

quick info about my future plans: i will run the 3rd and last chapter of the trilogy i did run for the last 2 sessions i dmd next friday, after that i’ll start a hardcover adventure (either Storm King’s Thunder or Curse of Strahd), probably will take a week or 2 break from dming before starting the hardcover though and instead try to play a session or 2 :smiley:


Yeah it was really nice. :+1:
Your white-board map is great for visualizing a fight in a cave!


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