Adventure League Friday

Next Friday I want you to join me on my first round as a DM. The adventure will be a Tier 1 from the first adventure league season. Game starts around 19:30, I’ll be there at 18:30.

Feel free to bring your own AL chars and of course there will also be a bunch of pregens.

Please leave a comment in case you come or if you have any questions.

i’ll be there to assist and maybe play if you think you’ve got it :slight_smile: (i’ll also probably prepare an adventure too in case we need a second table)

I´d like to be there on friday :slight_smile:

Id like to come but I would prolly be late for 30 minutes.

I’ll be there!

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Kind of thought that we would continue the previous one. Concidering it was chapter 1 out of 4

it was 1 out of 3 and i didn’t plan of continueing that adventure tbh, i wanted to run the race because it sounded fun (even though some of the mechanics ended up underwhelming to me), but i always planned to not run any more season 7 adventures

The idea is that different DMs do different AL seasons so that it is easier to keep track of which adventures have been done.


I’ll be there, looking forward to it!
Edit: I fell sick and have to cancel, sorry!

Is it allowed to ask which adventure will be run? :slight_smile:

I will run DDEX1-01 - Defiance in Phlan

Hey everyone,

i will give this a try :wink:

I’ll bring an additional player :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, first time posting here(Should i introduce myself somewhere?)
Would love to join you for a Game on Friday, if you still have room?

don’t worry there should be room, worst case would be that i’ll run a second table

There is enough room for everybody.

Currently we are 7 players, if I haven’t miscounted and I might bring 1 or 2 more.

I might actually be able to come by tomorrow.

I’ll join as well if there’s a spot left.
EDIT: Might not make it, will update the post if thats the case.

I’ll be there on Friday :grin: