Adventure League Friday



It’s nice to have so many people interested.

We are currently at 11 players, the maximum allowed for 2 DMs doing AL is 14 players.


I’ll join as well tonight if I may.


Nice, there is still room for you :slight_smile:


so i’d say today was a success, pretty much 2 full tables and it looked like everybody had fun, topic for the next AL date will be posted soon

I’ve been asked to not DM the next chapter of the adventure i’ve beeb running today next week and i would prefer to actually play next week (if we’re a DM short i’ll probably still run something, but it will be something not connected to this weeks adventure)


My players and I also enjoyed ourselves. Thanks to Tersidian for providing all the resources and help and also big thanks to my party who gave me a great first experience on DMing.

I can DM again next week.

I think there is a stylish version of a shield made out of a black dragon scale that we forgot to distribute.


short info for everyone that was at my table, i made a mistake: The periapt of wound closure you unlocked costs 16 TCP not 8 TCP, my bad sorry


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