Adventure League Friday @ Spielbar

This friday there will be another session, DM’s will be @Toni and @SheVa, if the need for a 3rd table really arises i should be able to cobble something together, but tbh i hope it won’t be necessary, Young Yarle wants to set things on fire and stuff!

as usual i will be there early (~18:00 ish) in case anybody needs some help preparing a character or leveling a character,
if anybody needs something printed (that includes the dms) please tell me asap and i should be able to get it done

until then, have fun and see you there :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I will also be there early if I can manage, to help anyone with their characters if necessary. Looking forward to DM’ing my first AL session! :grin:

Heeey. Count me in guys.

I’ll continue the adventure from last week.

Looking forward to our meeting.

I will start a new adventure for level 1-4 characters from Adventurers League Season 02 (Elemental Evil story line). We will explore Mulmaster - the City of Danger :grin:

So how exactly does this work, do I have to sign up for these beforehand somewhere or is it enough when I just show up on time? Sorry if that is an idiotic question, but I am quite new to this.

It helps if you write here that you come. Then the organizers know for how many people they have to make a reservation at Spielbar.

I will try my best to be there on time

@Toni @SheVa
Does the campaign use the optional feat rules ?
I am currently in character creation and I wanted to ask if I am allowed to use the variant human traits, should that be the case.

well it’s not a campaign per se it’s the Adventurer League, Variant human is allowed, for exact rules go get the pack including the ALPG (Adventurer League Player’s Guide)

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What time will you guys be playing?

I’d be delighted to jump in a game…

I plan to start 19:00 sharp at my table. I need to catch the last sub at 00:00 and I want to get some shit done by then :stuck_out_tongue:

Any suggestion regarding a character?

whatever sounds like fun to you tbh … we will manage to avoid a TPK … probably :smiley:

Yeah, whatever you want, to be honest.

For Adventurer’s League, in brief, there is the following rules regarding character creation (for more details see the link Tersidian posted):

  • use point-buy for the ability scores
  • PHB +1, meaning: you can use only the options presented in the Player’s Handbook +1 additional published book with player options
  • you can actually completely rebuild your entire character between sessions while you are at level 1-4

I will be there hopefully around 18:00, to help with character creation for whoever needs help. I will also bring some pregens for people who did not have time to make a character.

@SheVa There should be no last sub on Fridays, Saturdays and the days before public holidays, the subs are going all day and in the night there is a maximum of 15min waiting time, I think.

I planed to start at 19:30 like last week, but I can start whenever the community wants.

What I meant was: the last sub that still lets me catch a connection to my home ^^ Unfortunately, the last legs of my journey depend on S or bus :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair enough.

Yeah Friday sounds good. I’ll be there and I can make it until 19:00 o’clock. :smile:
I’d love to continue last weeks adventure. :wink:

I would love to come as well!
Thanks for setting this up!