Adventure League Friday @ Spielbar



Hi I’m new and I would l love to join you this friday


Hi, is there still room for a player? I would like to join and also I’m new.
A question of what to bring: Is the Adventure Log sheet and DCI number used in this session?



we’ve got 2 dms with 1 more if the need arises so we can handle 14-21 players, so yes there is space no worries :slight_smile:

as this is meant to be Adventure League legal play we of course use Adventure log sheets, DCI number is optional though

if you already have a character it is important to know that so far all our tables are Tier 1 (level 1-4) so bringing a higher level character won’t do you much good i fear :stuck_out_tongue:

long story short, you are very welcome to join us, bring an existing character with a maximum level of 4, or bring a new one, or come a bit early and create one or just take a pregen :slight_smile:


I’ll join as well.


Hi. This is my first time playing in adventurers league. I would love to join you tommorrow on friday.


I´d like to join you guys tomorrow as well :slight_smile:


I’ll swing by as well.


I hope it’s alright in such a short notice, but I will come as well


One of my friends is coming again.


Hi everyone. I was pointed to here from Reddit. I’ll drop by if there’s a space open!


I’ll bring a last minute +1 if thats alright


Sadly I will not be able to come today. Good luck everyone, and sorry.


Thanks for having me, I had a great time playing with all of you and hope to see you again.


thanks for the session @Toni and thanks @Simon for letting me join later. It was really funny and amazing :slight_smile:


Hello people from my group yesterday! :grin:

First of all, I would like to thank you all again for the game, you guys were a great group and I had a lot of fun! Also, I’m amazed that we managed to run a 4-hour adventure in barely under 5 hours (our usual rate is something like 4 hours per 1-hour adventure ^^), and still had time to enjoy the roleplay as we went along. Maybe the wild chase through Mulmaster helped to keep everybody on their toes :wink:

Now, here are the rewards clarifications that we didn’t quite have time to sort out in detail at the end of the session:

  • Advancement Checkpoints. Since we ran a 4-hour adventure from a previous season, and took at least 4 hours to complete it, you all received 4 Advancement Checkpoints. Since you need 4 Advancement Checkpoints to level up for each level from 1 to 5, you are now all level 2 - congrats!
  • Treasure Checkpoints. You all received 4 Treasure Checkpoints (1 per Advancement Checkpoint, as per the conversion rules for running adventures from previous seasons of Adventurers League) .
  • Gold. You all earned 75 gp for the level-up.
  • Downtime. You all earned 10 days of Downtime (5 days for every 2 Advancement Checkpoints).
  • Renown. You all earned 1 Renown (1 Renown is earned for every 4 Advancement Checkpoints).
  • Magic Items. You have found the Winged Boots (flying speed equal to your walking speed, for up to 4 hours where each use uses up at least 1 minute, regains 2 hours of flying speed for every 12 hours it isn’t in use, if your run out of flying speed while in the air you gently descent at a rate of 30 ft. per turn until you land). The new rules of Adventurers League Season 8 allow each of you to add this item to the list of magic items you can purchase using your Treasure Checkpoints. As the Winged Boots are on Treasure Table F, they are purchasable already at your current level, and will stay available right upt to level 20. However, the cost for the Winged Boots is 16 Treasure Checkpoints. Once you purchase them, you have to remove them from your list of purchasable magic items and cannot purchase them again (unless you find them again in another adventure after purchasing them). Furthermore, each of you has received 1 Healing Potion (2d4 +2 HP healing, requires an action to use it on yourself or an ally) that is available to your characters from now on as a single-use consumable until you use it.

As I recall, there were some other last-minute questions on the rules for purchasing mundane items, earning gold and what you can do with it, and character re-builds. Please just remind me of your questions here or via PM, and I will answer them :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again for the game, and I hope to soon see you all again at the table, rolling dice, taking names! :grin:


For the question about buying and selling mundane items, the ALPG has this to say:

Equipment. Your character can sell or buy spell components and equipment found in the resources listed in Step 1 & 2, above.

Step 1 & 2 refer to the books you used for character creation (PHB and your +1, if any). So everything that has a gold value listed in these sources should be fair game for buying and selling, but you should only receive half the gold value needed to buy something when selling (PHB, p. 144). I should add that this only is applicable to the stuff you receive from character creation, as per AL rules you are not allowed to sell mundane items you find or receive during the adventure ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe @Tersidian can confirm if my reading on this is correct?


pretty much correct yep, some stuff is not allowed to be bought even if it has a gold value though, (most potions except for healing i believe)


So … I got the greatsword at character creation and the 75 gp from level up -> sell the greatsword for 25gp and use 25gp from the level up to get a longbow correct? (plus whatever some arrows cost)
Edit: Great game btw :smiley:


Yes, that should work. A longbow is 50 gp. 20 arrows are 1 gp.


Someone of your group @Sheva might have forgotten his jacket @Spielbar. In case this person needs it, it´s hanging there and the waiter kept an eye on it.