9-25, 19:00, (GMT+02:00) Is V.A.L.U.E a thing to die for? (Open D&D Night)

Hello just curious will there be an Adventurers League tomorrow and if so who will join as DM/Players?

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I would like to come to play, preferably tier 2.:slight_smile:

I was wondering the same thing. Id like to come as a player as well. I still havent seen through who usually creates these threads, if anyone can do it or if theres some sort of tradition attached o it. Perhaps no one wants or can DM this week? That seems to be the case.

technically anyone can create them (there should be only 1 thread each week though), traditionally someone willing to DM starts it

personally I would assume that quite a lot of people probably are considering avoiding public gatherings with people outside their immediate friends for now, considering the rising infections again

I’m not going to be there this week

I was thinking to join but I’m very busy this week and have an online meeting at 18.00 so I would be late (probably 19.30) and there would be time only until 23.00. Maybe I can prep a short adventure (T1) but would be very happy if somebody else like to DM.

Hi I would be there too I would have something prepared (T1, Murder in the skyway) would prefer to play cristal campaign if Resil is here this week but if we don’t have enough dm‘s I would try my first time dming

V.A.L.U.E. rules can be found here

Item unlocks and their tcp cost can be found here.

We also have a discord server which can be found here .

Sadly i will not be able to come today and dm. Have fun.

Ich würde gern kommen und nach einem Team suchen.
Ich habe schon DnD gespielt, aber eine leichte Version.

Hey guys,

Would you have space for two noobs again? We joined you back in august (Miloš and Gwynplaine).

Have a lovely evening!


Vuk (Miloš)


Hey guys, something important happened. Sadly I will not be able to come today

@KKevin, I’d join your table if the game is happening.

@NatalyK176 welcome to the community! RPG Vienna is a good place to form all kinds of groups.

From what it seems there will be 1-2 DM’s and 7-8 Players

Better don’t count on me as DM could be also getting 20.00 until I’m able to arrive. Hope I can squeeze in than at the table of KKevin even when it is already quite full.

I will be aprox 10 min late

I’ll skip this week, given that there’s only probably one DM and the table is already really full. While I’m curious to see Kevin DM maybe I’ll get another chance at another time. Also, I wanted to try DMing myself anyways, so maybe I’ll do that in an upcoming session. So if the tables are rather full next time I can offer taking on some of the players. That being said I wish you all a lot of fun with tonight.

got delayed and I’d be an hour late if not more, but since there’s so many players I’ll just skip this round, have fun!

Hi guys and girls thx 4 the game, we have unlocked a new item ( insignia of claws) it was fun for me and hope you are have fun playing aswell.

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Thanks for DMing, you did a really good job :slight_smile:

How much gold did we get actually?

80 gold All ( item + bronze scout who ever got it) https://5e.tools/bestiary/bronze-scout-mtf.html it says in the „u can take it what’s left of it“ I would rule it that u guys don’t know how to repair it but it hasn’t took dmg . Insignia of Claws

Wondrous item, uncommon

The jewels in the insignia of the Cult of the Dragon flare with purple light when you enter combat, empowering your natural fists or natural weapons.

While wearing the insignia you gain a +1 bonus to the attack rolls and the damage rolls you make with unarmed strikes and natural weapons. Such attacks are considered to be magical.
Source: HotDQ , page 94