8th Feb Spielbar New Campain searching for players

That’s it , I’ve been writting a long campain this last moths and im almost finished. Next Thursday at 7pm I will be on Spielbar , searching for players to join this adventure ( max of players i’m able to run is 6),.

The system will be Pathfinder , the setting is one created by me and my friends that I will explain there.

If you feel interested bring an empty character sheet ,pencil and some dice as probably it will be session 0 , making the characters and explaining also the rules for those new to the system (so don’t worry if you didn’t play pathfinder before or any other table rpg).

Hope to see you there adventurer.




I am sure that @Siobhan would be delighted to join a PF game…

What are the logistics? Where and how often do you plan to meet up? I would be really interested, but unfortunately I probably can’t make it this week :confused:

DEFINITELY. Dear god, I miss Pathfinder. Please, please save me a spot.

Nice , I would like it to be betwen one or two times per week , but we can talk it.

Here goes some hints:

You live/stay in the city of Retse, capital of magic , both Arcane that is as comon as always , and Divine that ,for unknown reasons to the people is less usual. In the city , everyone is accepted ,even monstrous races as Orcs , goblins or Lizardfolks (even that they need an special “pasport” that proves that they are non.evil / no.danger).

UNfortunately , the city has been hit by an uncurable disease ,called voidx during the last five weeks , many people has died already , the syntoms so far , are permanent nausea , sporadic exhaustion , dificults to breath lost of contitution and finaly a slow death.
Many people has claimed to found the cure to the disease (all wrong so far) and a few that found a way to protect themselfs.

“Homework” : Find a reason for your character to want to join the groups that join the venture to find the cure , maybe you have a love one that has fall ill , you are paying debt with the law or just want some reputation to archive another goal.

Also , think about class and race you want to play.

Initial level 2:
From level 2 to 15 (not completly sure really)

Map of the region

Map of the city

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Hope to see you there adventurer.


Looks good :grinning: If you still have a free spot I would like to join. See you on Thursday!

I‘m down for a campaign! Will also be at Spielbar on Thursday.

If there is a final spot left I would be happy to join you, even though i just played Pathfider once. :smile:

Also , forgot to mention , but avoid Evil alignments

Sure - and thanks for the pointer!

Should we build our characters before session 0? Just to be sure.

If you know how to build a Pathfinder character , sure , go for it , but as much as I know there is atleast one player that never played any rpg before. But yeah , the earlier we have everything done , the earlier we will begin
20 point buy btw

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I never build a Pathfinder character so I’ll try to inform myself and prepare as much as I can. :slight_smile:

Starting gold?

By class , pick average or roll in front of me

Average for level 2 is around 1000 gold. Do you mean level 1 average?

yes , level 1 average , also .There is WIFI in Spielbar? And someone can bring a board? I don’t have any here

WiFi is non-existent in Spielbar, as far as I know. I’ll doublecheck. By “board” do you mean a battlemap?

Here’s the website for Spielbar: http://www.spiel-bar.at/

I, uhm, can’t read it well enough to hunt for WiFi, and they don’t open until 17:00 to call & ask. Maybe it’s in there?

Any class restrictions re: unchained or archetype, or is it a case of if Paizo says it’s good, it’s good?