8th Feb Spielbar New Campain searching for players

All Core , base , hybrid and unchained are allowed same with paizo archetypes
And yeah , battle map sounds way cooler

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there is a wlan (wifi) at spielbar, it’s just not advertised … and not all that good

Could we borrow your battlemap? We don’t have @Simon as backup, he’s not even sure he can come tomorrow, or if he does, he might have to emergency GM (but he definitely wants a place in the campaign!!).

i’ll bring it with me today and leave it with you, i’m not sure wether i’ll be there tomorrow

So yes & yes.

I have no clue how to build a Pathfinder character, so will need to do so tonight. Will someone have the game books?

Also, is there a place to download the appropriate character sheet?

I will bring my book, but ALL the PF info is here: http://www.d20pfsrd.com

If you pm me your email address, I’ll email you a character sheet.

BTW, dibs on rogue!

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I‘m planning on some sort of ranged dps. Like a „ranger“ …

Definitely check the link. If you go to the base class page, it has dozens of options for subclasses (archetypes). At least check out the unchained ranger.

There is no unchained ranger. Loads of Paizo archetypes, though :smiley_cat:

I am looking into the warpriest. Dwarf, of course. Bit of healing, bit of bashing.

Hello there everyone!

I started playing Pathfinder last year and can´t stop it somehow :stuck_out_tongue: I play in many campaigns, but they all take place like 1/month or maximum 2 times per month. So I am looking forward to a group that plays more often, like yours.

If there is still a space left, I would really like to join in.

7pm fits also perfectly for me, since at 7pm you don´t have to pay for the car spot at that time.

so if there is still a place and I could join, I would like to try out a Kitsune Sorcerer.

so long

I’ll talk to the others tomorrow. Once we formed the group, we promptly moved to WhatsApp, so I’m not sure they’ve seen this (I only just now saw it). Sorry to keep you waiting!

last week I played with this group already on wednesday and I wrote a PM to the DM. I gave the number to the guy who hosted the room for the group, but until now there was no response. Maybe they didnt check the forum. However, It would be nice if you could ask the group whether I could join or not. Nestor said we´d be lvl 3 next time and for a new player it would take some time reading all the possible spells that you can get :P.

Thanks in advance

Sorry! I missed last week, so I’m behinder than normal. See you tomorrow!


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