7.12.2018 19:00 @Spielbar. AL Friday strikes Back

New week, new Adventures. Who will come and who will DM? I’d prefer to play, but Ill have a tier 1 2 adventure prepared just in case.

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I will be there again! I will try to prepare to DM something but I would prefer to play… Thanks for setting this up @Resil! Will you be calling Spielbar and ask for 2 tables in the non smoking area?

I think we already have them booked, Ill discuss with Marcel

For everyone else: If you want to come as a player, maybe you can state your character level so it‘s a little easier to see what kind of adventure the DMs should prepare…

Will come as a player / lvl4 now :slight_smile:

yes we have 2 tables booked, usually it should be the 2 in the back unless they really need the space back there (aka they have a party where the whole non smoker area is in use for that single party)

Hey guys, I’d like to come if that’s ok but I haven’t played in a while! Someone in a different thread mentioned that sometimes there’s pregen characters, or should I make one?

Id suggest creating your own, but pre gens are also ok.

so i would like to play adventure league but i cant really play in spielbar, its way to noisy and i have trouble understanding. Its just no fun playing like that.
Thought i mention it here.

@Aehrel I totally agree, it’s very difficult to play in the bar, especially for people with auditory processing issues and/or autism like myself! Unfortunately I think it’s currently the most convenient place to meet up :frowning:

Anyway, l will try my best to be there as a player this time!

I will be there too as a player

@Aehrel I agree as well about Spielbar and the noise level. If someone can think of a more quite space that is available to the public… Maybe a games shop? Maybe Spielbox?

@Lup I am sure that if you talk to the DM/the people at the table, you can get a seat right next to the DM, if that makes things easier for you! You would certainly get one at my table, if I can find the time to prepare an adventure for Friday :blush:

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I also think it is very noisy, I’m hoarse every time after I DM Adventurer’s League ^^ With larger parties, upwards of 5 people, it also becomes very hard to understand the players that are further away. So if anyone has a good alternative, I wouldn’t mind shifting…

well i can see if “Feuerwehr Wagner” would have us, but the good thing about Spielbar is that they are rather central and have been working with this community for quite some time now

It looks like I won’t have the time to prepare an adventure. Since I DMed the last 3 times I was at AL I would love to play again. And since I never experienced you @Resil as a DM I would be very happy to sit at you table. I will probably bring a level 3 character.

If I am not miscounting, we have 6 people coming at the moment of which 1 needs to DM. So looks like a somewhat quiet evening anyway…

Hi, ok I’m fairly new in Vienna and just discovered this website, and well I’ve never played 5e before, and probably never played proper DnD before either (I’m used to 4e and DM-ing younger kids so we made up the rules on the way), but do you think it would make sense to just show up tomorrow to get a feel for the place and how stuff work here? or any advice?

Nah man. You are WELCOME at our game.

Oh, snap! :smiley:

Hi Shadow, welcome aboard!

So should I make a character first then? And just follow the players handbook? For the sake of fair stats.

You can make him at home or with us. Just come 30 mins before the session.