6th Annual RPG Vienna D&D Tournament Sign-Up


“Leider” I will not be able to join as I hoped :frowning: Viel Spaß!


Thank you H and Scott for the great tounament. Hope its not our last.
Props for you for organizing such a wonderful event. Looking forward to the next one


I can only agree with every word you’ve written!
Thanks for all the organizers and participants, it was a great night!


I would also like to thank you very much! The evening was definitely fun, and it was a whole new gaming experience for me to play with a running clock!


Thanks guys! Great night!


Really amazing. Thanks everybody!


A big thanks from me as well, was great experiencing a completely different type of D&D, especially as someone new to tabletop in general!

Do we get rankings at any point? Curious how we did :wink:


Sorry about the delay posting this - we have the official top two rating as agreed between @H and myself using a complex scoring system (well, that’s what we claim anyway). But first, thank you to @H for organising this again, and for letting me be a part.

At number two we have the @Resil group.

At number one was the @Tersidian group.

I hope the two groups I DMed had fun, and congratulations on placing top two and frustrating my attempts to kill you (I mean, who rotates marching orders to keep their most injured characters safe? That’s just not playing fair!).


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