6th Annual RPG Vienna D&D Tournament Sign-Up


One question: is the time correct, does it really start at 15:00 already? If so, I think I won’t be able to make it :-/


If it is in the afternoon of a working day I can’t join…the 31st is a Thursday


Spielbar doesn’t open before 17:00 so the starting time simply is a mistake i would guess


Apologies. I was sure I had entered the correct time. Maybe it was set to Narnia Standard Time or something. Sorry 'bout that.

In any case, we’ll kick things off at 6 or so, with a rolling start format, meaning that groups will get underway as they fill. Typically, the last groups set off around 8, although getting here earlier is encouraged.

More on all this tomorrow - have a good one!


Then I am definitely in :smiley:


I’m also in :slight_smile:


Me too :slight_smile:



For one things, while there were certainly tournaments that tested rules knowledge, system mastery, and so forth, that isn’t the goal here. We’re trying to create as level a playing field as possible, no matter how new somebody may be to the game.

Also, time is already tight. Making characters on the spot simply isn’t feasible.


Would love to join in on the fun


I’m in too :smiley:


I am sorry I dont think I will manage to come. Very sorry was really looking forward to it


I won’t make it either. Have fun!


If room just opened up, I’m in.


I won’t make it :disappointed_relieved:


Am i too late to join?


In you are. Good luck!


Nope, pleased to have you with us!


@H teams shall be formed there in Spielbar?


Yes sir!

If you want to play with anybody in particular, we’ll be happy to oblige. But in general, parties are formed once enough people show up to start a new one.

Teams of four this time. Good luck, everybody!


Omw dere