5 Years of RPG Vienna...So far!


How about ‘Who’s in? I’m thinking about running x, y, z’ or is that too silly?


Depends… 5+ minutes at time?


Alright, something definitely wrong there mate. Every other site running fine? What about http://meta.discourse.com


I started to notice this today and it was driving me crazy. I then checked with meta.discourse.org they don’t have this problem. The only difference is they have ‘latest’ as their default homepage and we have ‘categories’ so, I changed the default back to latest and clicking the logo now works to refresh for me.

@Thopthes let me know if this is working for you now.


Yes, it’s working now. The default option fixed it.

But this is still happening:

Also: when i make a reply and click on “reply” to send it. The page doesn’t get refreshed on my phone either. It then says 32/34 or whatever but doesnt dynamically load my new post (s)

It just happened to me on my desktop browser (chrome) for the first time.

On my phone it apparently always happens that way. The Refresh Is A Lie :slight_smile:


Very weird. It’s working for me. I really can’t think of anything that would be affecting it outside of Chrome plugins etc.


Yeah. Maybe it’s a connection thing? That it just tries to refresh it once and if the connection doesn’t work right away there is no retry mechanism?

Anyway. It’s usually working on my Desktop but never on my phone. XD

EDIT: It happened for this post as well…(wrote it on my desktop)


Just curious: why?

Other than minor details like this, I’m quite liking the new format. Seems very well suited to the number of people and posts we’re seeing on the site.

One thing I’m not sure about is displaying posts chronologically as the front page default. It’s very convenient, but it may lead to fewer posts in the less frequently frequented categories.

On the whole, though, nice transition. On to bigger and better, right?


H, I detected some form of compliment in your post, was that intended? :wink: but seriously, thanks.

The post limit was put in place by the discourse guys to stop extremely short posts from cluttering up the threads and ultimately not adding anything useful to the conversation. You can agree with someone by ‘liking’ and if you disagree it’s usually better to go into detail as to why.

I tend to agree with this. I’m not saying its perfect, but it’s better than the alternative. (I reduced the limit to 10 characters since you asked last time, by the way)… Part 2 to follow later… :wink:


[quote=“Neil, post:55, topic:1550, full:true”]
H, I detected some form of compliment in your post, was that intended? :wink: but seriously, thanks.[/quote]
Must’ve been a typo. :slight_smile:

Oo, if we’re doing away with things that add nothing to the conversation, does that mean we can get rid of likes? Excellent!


OK, if nixing the like button isn’t an option, could we please at least get rid of the notification that pops up on your avatar at the top right? Half the time when I click it expecting a PM or other form of meaningful communication, it’s just a flipping like. I have a hard time believing that anyone here is so far gone down the path of affirmation addiction that they would consider this a useful feature.

Otherwise, liking the new digs more and more. The instapreview is a nice touch.

Cheers, Neil!


User Preferences @H


Excellent! Many thanks.

Still slightly bemused that this is even an option, much less the default …


It’s just a way to say ‘I’ve seen your post and I agree with it’ it’s not a conspiracy or anything mate :wink:


Hey H :stuck_out_tongue:


What a difference a year makes. Thanks to all those guilt-ridden tech tell-alls, we now know that, yes, it is indeed a conspiracy …

Also, Thopthes’ reply above didn’t get nearly the attention it deserves. That’s going above and beyond right there. Thumbs up!