5 Years of RPG Vienna...So far!

Very nice!

Any chance of seeing a return of the hybrid flag?

I’ll see what I can do :wink:

Thanks. As for this bit, I actually think the new version is pretty good. Some of the new features are pretty nifty, such as the instant preview when posting. Some seem a bit half-baked, such as displaying the avatars of the first five people to post in a thread. On the whole, looks good to me!

I don’t mind, but it is indeed only moderately useful…

Belize Simon? :joy:

I see what you mean. In that case I think they’re just trying to fill out some of the whitespace in that view. However, if you reduce the browser window horizonally, the avatars collapse down to just the last user to post in that thread.

I really like the whole Discourse concept. The people behind it seem to know what they’re doing. You can take a look at their Features page for more info - https://www.discourse.org/faq/ It’s not perfect of course, but they’ll be the first to admit it.

I certainly like the new site…

Belize is fine, it’s sunny. My own country ain’t there anyway…

It should be listed as ‘fr’


That’s what I was thinking about… :sob:

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OK, just confirm its this one, then stay tuned… :wink:


@simon: fr-br

@H: us-at

There’s also a Germany/Austria hybrid: de-at

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Ah, the fragmentation of Europe …:slight_smile:

Also, please turn off the 20 character minimum for new topics. Soul of wit and all that. Thank you.

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Anybody else has trouble accessing the new site from his phone? Sometimes, the page takes an unduly long to load…


And when I try to refresh the page by clicking on the rpgvienna logo after reopening the browser (when i haven’t checked the forum in -say- an hour or two) then the refresh doesn’t work. Meaning: nothing happens when i click on the logo. I have to manually refresh the whole browser page on my phone to actually see ehat has changed. It has been like that since the beginning and its bit annoying tbh.

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Also: when i make a reply and click on “reply” to send it. The page doesn’t get refreshed on my phone either. It then says 32/34 or whatever but doesnt dynamically load my new post (s)

I am using the current version of chrome on Android 6.0.1

And while I’m at it: the updated version of this thrrad is not shown under the ‘site feedback’ overview on the start page. (When you are viewing categories and it shows you a list of 3 or so topics per category).
Maybe because it is a pinned thread?

I’m open to suggestions of course, but I know why this is default and to be honest I agree with their reasoning. Again, if anyone comes up with a good argument against it, then I’m all ears.

Good call! By default pinned topics don’t show up in latest. I’ve unpinned it now, thanks.

I haven’t seen this myself, but I’ll look into it. Are you on a nexus/pixel? . A simpler method is pulling down the page to get chrome to reload. (nexus 6p here)

Because “Who’s in?” sound better in the meetup thread than “Who’s inthptrghlmpf?”

I’ve noticed it takes a little longer than the old site. Loading bar gets to about 75% really quick, then the rest loads in after 1 second or so. How long does it take for you?