2016 Tournament Invitation

[i][size=200]You are cordially invited to an evening of adventure, exploration, and possible doom at the

Fourth Annual RPG Vienna Dungeons and Dragons Tournament

October Thirteen & Twenty, Two Thousand and Sixteen

at Vienna’s famed Spielbar restaurant[/size]


Dress: Formal Adventuring (Cloak and Armor)[/size][/i]

Once upon a time, tournaments were a key part of the role-playing scene, attracting large crowds and spawning several of D&D’s most iconic scenarios. Several years ago, we decided to recreate this tradition by running a tournament of our own. The first one seemed to go over well, and it’s since turned into an annual tradition.

In previous RPGV tournaments, players have woken vampires, stared down beholders, befriended dragons, sailed the seas as undead pirates until the ends of time, and found many a salty solution to perplexing problems, all in an attempt to emerge as champion.

This time, things might actually get a little bit difficult …

If you’re ready to face a new set of challenges, please sign up in this thread. We’ll be playing on Oct. 13 & 20. Just let me know on which day(s) you’re able to play (each party will only play on one date), how early you can arrive at Spielbar, and also whether you have to leave early.

The tournament is open to everyone. No experience with D&D, tournaments or even role-playing games of any nature required.

Good luck - you might just need it!

I am very definitely in! Either day is fine for me, but as usual I will of necessity get there closer to 8. I hope that doesn’t disrupt things too much H?

I’m in australia! : (

Oh Hell yeah, i will try to tag along again.

I will join on the 20th! Before that I am in Las Vegas (for work, not for gambling) :smiley:

Ooh! Last year was fabulous. Count me in!

I’m also very interested!

I waken from my slumber for this important event.
Both dates are fine as long as I know a bit in advance. I’ll arrive as early as I need, just lemme know!
The reigning champions must be knocked off their throne!

Im free on both days and could be there at around 6 ish, maybe sooner if needed but I’d would have to check with work about that.

Both days would work for me but on the 20th I can only be there after 7 p.m.

Most definitely in! I’m free both days and can be there at 5 the earliest.

I’d like to join too. For me the 13th would be great. I can be there about 4ish in the afternoon.

IS there anything we should bring with us/prepare (except the normal stuff like dices, sheets and pen)?

both days should work :mrgreen:

Shouldn’t be an issue. We’ve had staggered start times more often than not in previous years.

Hey, we’re not going to judge. Enjoy your trip (and never split a pair of 10s)!

Dice, pencil and paper are all you’ll need. (If somebody can’t bring their own, there ought to be enough floating around for everyone.)

Additionally, I’ll again be asking one person in each group to act as timekeeper. In the past, this has been a tremendous help in keeping things running smoothly.

No rulebooks, please.

As for preparation, none whatsoever is required, although past tournaments have seen everything from players trawling the Web for published tournaments* to devising full-fledged DM behavior modification programs. (And by ‘players,’ I mean GJ.)

Seriously, though no prep or special gear required. Just come as you are.**

  • It’s an original scenario. You won’t find it online, so don’t waste your time. Burgling my place might work, though.
    ** Good to see you again, Darth.

While I’m posting in this thread, just wanted to add that now would be a good time for criticism, requests and general feedback.

Also, a question: Approximately what percent of the downtime in previous years was spent discussing the scenario and planning your next moves as opposed to simply shooting the breeze? Thanks!

So we get pre gen characters or generate them at the beginning?

I can make either day from 6