2 Seats Left! - Spire Drop in/Drop out Season 1 - (1/10) Steal The Case

Hi RPGers!

Time to kick-start my drop-in drop-out Spire campaign, with a first season of 10 sessions! I’ll be looking for up to 5 players each session to help further the influence of the Ministry in Spire, hopefully leading to a successful key event build-up by the end of the season. This will give repeat players chances to earn both Low and Medium advances for their characters if they participate actively.

In this first session, the Ministry have learnt of a secretive package being shipped across Spire towards the aelfir homelands, and it will be your job to intercept the delivery, find out what it is, and hopefully steal it for the Ministry!

Let me know if you’re interested! (If you are repeat players from my one-shots, you will be able to add an additional Low Advance to your existing character ahead of the game)

As before, I have attached all the materials needed to create a character from the choice of 15 classes. These characters have resistances (Blood, Mind, Silver, Reputation and Shadow) that can be impacted in the game instead of hit points. You should start with the Spire Characters file first if you would like to create a character, as it gives all the necessary approach directions.

Spire_Characters-compressed.pdf (1.6 MB) Spire_Character Sheet.pdf (338.1 KB) Spire_Blood Witch-compressed.pdf (880.6 KB) Strata_Characters.pdf (753.4 KB) Sin_Characters-compressed.pdf (2.3 MB)

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Oh shoot, this is actually happening :grin::grin::grin: Damn, this is one of the two Saturdays in September when I have classes in uni. Unfortunately would no be able to join so hopefully will be able to join next time. But it seems that from October onwards I would have classes on every Saturday, so maybe it’s not meant to be😢

Oh no I will still be on holidays that day and can’t make it either, but hopefully will catch the next game if this is going to be a more continuous event!

You have this amazing knack to always pick the Saturdays I have to work :wink: One day I’ll be able to join a game…

No! Missing 3/3 with @Nat1 @Tea007 and @squid! For sure there will be a 2/10 to look forward to, unless no one signs up for this one and you’ll see this rerun in a few weeks :wink:

I’ve finally made my way here (the Idol) only to have to say I won’t be able to make the 9th either :cry: :cry:


I’ll leave it up for a few more days, but if there are no takers, I’ll move (1/10) to a different week.

Good to have you here :wink:

It’s all coming together :smile:

@Nat1 @Tea007 @squid - moved the event to Saturday 16th. Is that better for people?

Yaaaas, much better for me at least. Would love to join

Unfortunately not for me. Also working that Saturday. 23rd or 30th would be possible.

@Lindt how about you? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’ve got an all day work seminar on the 16th :cry: Though same as @squid I could do 23rd or 30th…

This month is unfortunately pretty full for me, I could only do the 30th or jump in next month

Ok, so would the 30th work for @squid @Nat1 @Tea007 and @Lindt? :smile: @Hawy06, adding you if you’re interested as well.

For me, unfortunately, 30th does not work, 1st or 29th do, just in case

Yes I can totally keep the 30th free and would be more than happy to join if you decide to move the game there :slight_smile:

Date updated to the 30th - let’s see if we get enough traction this time!

I am in, yeah