2 Seats Left! - Spire Drop in/Drop out Season 1 - (1/10) Steal The Case

I’ll join too!

I’ll be there! :smiley:

@lorien885, no wish to revive the Lahjan?

@Tea007 @Lindt Which classes do you play? I don’t want to double up, so I’d like to know what not to prepare.

I am playing a firebrand

And @Lindt will be using her Idol! :smiling_face:

@Tea007 don’t forget to choose another low advance before the session!

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Did you figure out your class yet for tomorrow?

I’m not quite sure yet. Still undecided between Knight, Vermissian Sage, Gutter Cleric and Shadow Agent.

All great choices!

You folks already there?

Quick question! @Lindt @Tea007 @squid, did anyone loot the paladin for any reason?

Had a great time today - now that the stage has been set, session 2 should be a little more straight forward :wink:

I don’t think Zid had the time since she was busy carrying the crate, but she will definitely loot the next paladin should we cross paths again since those weapons looked pretty amazing

I think between not looking to draw any attention to herself before her companions arrived at the scene and then actively disguising the crate to be uninteresting once they joined her Veraana figured parading about with an enormous rifle would have been thoroughly counterproductive :sweat_smile:

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