Zelron: Quick Introduction :D

Hey everyone!

My name is Zelron (no that’s not my RL name). Zelron was my first char after starting World of Warcraft (WoW) again a few years back. It kind of stuck and since then I have been going for it as my alias online.

I am a 33-year-old male, born, raised and living in Vienna. Therefore, I am a pure-blood Viennese. I work as a molecular biologist in research; aside from that, I am a 100% nerd. I love comics, video games, movies, reading books, board games, etc.

During the pandemic, in 2020, I had the chance to play D&D with some friends from WoW for the first time. I never played D&D since then and always wanted to try it. It was FANTASTIC. Unfortunately, our DM cancelled it midway for different reasons. I really enjoyed it. I would really LOVE to play again. Ideally, with a group of like-minded individuals that are dedicated to sticking together for a longer period of time to play an epic campaign together. I don’t have much interest in one-shots or short stories. I am still a noob though so be prepared for rooky questions from my side.

That said, I go with the flow and see what this new adventure here with you RPG Vienna people brings. I am always open to conversations and getting to know people. I didn’t come here with a request to find a group. If it is meant to be I am grateful for it. Otherwise, I am happy to make new acquaintances :wink:

Anyway, I am happy to have found like-minded people in this community. Let’s see what’s going to happen :smiley: