Your time has V.A.L.U.E

I try to make it :muscle:

if you need a DM, I could run T2 or join any T1-T4 table

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I’ll be there as well, playing T1-3

might be a bit late

Will be a bit late too, approx. 20 minutes.

@Arthilas @Takanari @timoteus2 & @Ylrahs

thanks for visiting Tymanther, the land of the Dragonborn

You all gain +1 level up, +10 Downtime Days, plus you gain ONE magic item from the following list:

you all additionally gain three glassworks (worth 100gp each):

  • a dragonborn warrior stabbing a red dragon, which is very dead
  • a vibrant coloured couatl (feathered rainbow snake)
  • a dragonborn couple, made of clear pink glass
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@Eshtesht @Valzon @Mode7 @Diistract @Dharaxas

Thank you all for chewing through the entire first Adventure of Mythological Egypt in one go. It took time, but man was it satisfying : D

You all gain +1 level up, +10 Downtime Days, 235 Gold pieces, plus you gain ONE magic item from the following list:

I had a lot of fun and hope that you got out of this Saturday what you were looking for. Egyptian Mythology is amazing : D


Thanks to Giovanni - @neon.tetra , the Boy - @MarkusW and Kendra - @Lenzi-boy for staging a rescue from the buried Temple of Bane.

Answering a call for adventurers, our party are briefed by Cpt. Shandry of the Thenya City Watch that their old sergeant Wilfred Wake went missing treasuring hunting in the undercity, seeking the wealth of the lost Temple of Bane. Presumed dead until some captured cultists revealed they had seen someone matching his description when they were hiding out at the Temple, Shandry feels honour-bound to send someone to go look. Since the Boy knows the undercity somewhat, they begged some provisions and set out the next day while most of the city was attending the old Dukes funeral.

Following Shandrys directions they made their way to the recently found Temple, entering through a secret passage. Searching around they find Liza, a graveyard nymph, sorting bones and Giovanni strikes up a rapport. Following her directions they make their way to the Low Altar, struggling past the lode-stone doorway into the dreadful presence of the Low Altar. Giovanni poked around, rousing some skeletons that the party put paid to before braving the psychic claws of the stairwells to the High Throne.

Emerging into the High Throne they find a slain deathkiss beholder and extensive signs of battledamage and blood loss. Giovanni pokes the rippling pool of darkness in the centre of the space and feels weird afterwards. They poke it again and their eyes become opened, seeing in the darkness as if in bright day. As the Boy snoops around they find a rich doorway and after matching the tapped patterns from within, Wake is found.

Sleep deprived and stumbling on his feet from keeping control over the temple masters rod he found, the party escorts Wake back out the way they came, finding the Low Altar teeming with a dozen skeletons. Fighting their way out, despite the lode-stone doorway, they assist Wake back to the Square Leader to meet Shandry.

Everyone gets 100gp from reward gratuities from the old guards and soldiers of the Square Leader in appreciation of their recoving Wake.

In addition the characters may claim one item of the following from the ‘villains gallery’ upstairs in the Square Leader.

Giovanni has become Illumined after dipping into the pool of darkness before the High Throne of Bane.

  • this counts as a disease
  • their irises have changed to “swirling infragreen-undigo-hyperred whorl and emit a faint but definite lustre”
  • they now have darkvision to 60ft
  • they can briefly perceive after-images of all things present when they close their eyes - invisible, ethereal or otherwise normally imperceptible
  • they have a continuous mild headache
  • they cannot rest (short or long) without a successful DC12 Constitution save first
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those at my table get also access to the follwoing Downtime Activity:

:chess_pawn: “The Bruce Opening”

You learn the game the elder dragonborns have played in the hall.
:point_right: You get profciency in gaming set: Baduk
cost: 10 Downtime Days (only 5 Downtime Days for Bruce @Takanari)

:point_up: please keep in mind that this Story Award will only work on my tables

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