Yet another english preferring Austrian ;)

Hi everyone!
My name is Sebastian, I’m a native Austrian and I’m addicted to the english language.

Everyone:" Hello Sebastian."

That lame joke aside, I was looking for an opportunity to start playing pen&paper RPGs for some years now actually. But now that I’ve found you guys, I think I’ll finally get SERIOUS!
I’m a complete newbe in that regard, I’m afraid, but I’m a passionate RPGist (?) on the computer. Games like Baldur’s Gate 2 I’ve played to death, always feeding my need for more freedom in these universes.
I really hope showing me the ropes won’t be too much of a problem…

I love Neil’s idea to get anglophil people in vienna together and, as I said, that is what made me get active.

looking forward to hearing from you
mfg Sebastian

Welcome Sebastian!

Thanks for joining. I’m sure a spot will open up in a group soon, or a new one will start. What kind of RPGs are you into?

And until a new group pops up, we have regulær one svits going on…



i also knew this English obsession^^
and that whole group thing could possibly be solved soon^^
(i maybe gm CarrionCrown that would be Pathfinder)

Awesome Bazhel!

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help…

u could show me how i make a group here xD
or u can tell me u want to be a player^^

both things would help

Well, once you have gathered your players, you can just send a PM to Neil and let him work his magic.

As for joining your group, I am quite tempted. But I am already a bit busy DMing and doing a bit of other gaming on the side. Depending when you guys are meeting, I’ll definitivelly consider it but it will probably be better to open the game for people that don’t have a group yet…
Case in point, I was contacted by somebody a few weeks ago. I’ll contact him back and send him your way…

Thank you for your warm welcome! ^^

Well, I think anything d&d-like would suit me perfectly, especially at the beginning.
So, pathfinder sounds very tempting, Bazhell… Till the end of September I’m nearly completely free, so I’m up for everything!

[quote=“Bazhell”]or u can tell me u want to be a player^^

both things would help[/quote]
I’ll help then … I’m in. :slight_smile:

(Times and dates permitting, of course. But I hope we’ll be able to arrange something that works for everybody.)

[quote="-H-"][quote=“Bazhell”]or u can tell me u want to be a player^^

both things would help[/quote]
I’ll help then … I’m in. :slight_smile:

Me too!

so am I, just to make that clear!
when do you think are you ready to start, roughly? :slight_smile:

I can begin anytime we find a date^^

pm me for my number^^

oh and on paizos Homepage there is an playersguide for carrionCrown^^

just u people know
i and supaHaf meet in floridsdorf on tuesday around 4

anyone else wanting to come by?

He, I just noticed that you had your own group folder now!

So, congratz on being “official” and such! Hope you have as much fun DMing as I do. And that your players enjoy themselves too, of course…

yeah… i hope io dont embarrass myself as an DM xD

we will see
also i would cut by 5 players…3 are in as it is…so simon if u want xD
(amlash u 2)

Tuesday at 4 pm? Floridsdorf? I can do that. And I’m really interested to get in on a game.

then i will count u in^^
i will tell neil about it so u can talk with us in the group thingie

Floridsdorf Bahnhof or any special adress?
Sent you a PM with my contacts details.

its more of an i´m here and call u guys XD

then we go on coffee or something
in floridsdorf we have enough of that stuff^^

Ah, okay, cool.

I’m working @ Siemensstraße, so I’ll be there quickly.