Wuxia/Oriental Campaign

Hi all of you!
Would anyone be interested in a Far East campaign? Finding the great dragon of the North, the secret Vallay pf Shangri La, the Monkey King and so on and so forth.

I would suggest quiet some homebrew - qi (as feat) for all for example. Personally I thought of sthg along the silk road to be able to incorporporate tons of diferent people groups and cultures.
Think of chinese sea to the red sea with everything in between. Warring states, deserted landscapes, old ruins, giant jungles a road that connects all of it and of course MONGOLS!

let me know what you think and sry for the spelling :wink:

sounds awesome … sadly i can’t fit yet another group into my schedule :sweat_smile:, but i’m sure you’ll find more than enough people :slight_smile:

Which system would you be playing? DnD 5e? Pathfinder… ?

also curious on the system, aaand are noobies welcomed? been trying to find a group to play with (cause none of my friends want to try it) gasp

I would like to participate but i’m newbe. I know Wuxia/Xanxia but i dont realy know about the other stuff if it is alright with you i want to try it out.

Initially i thought 5e but i am open to suggestions. I am a rather new player myself so dont feel discoreged :wink:
I love to play but i also have so many ideas that i could dm too (just lacking exp in this regard).

Maybe everyone who would be into it could agree to meet @ spielbar next week Thu?

tomorrow @ spielbar then? I would like to meet and talk it out see what becomes of this :slight_smile:

Tue 12th would be ok for me. But earlier than usually would be nice.

Same goes for Thu - i am free from 16.00 on more or less.

Just let me know

Let me know if anyone will show up today or Thursday :slight_smile:

I will probably be there around 7pm today.

I am here @ spielbar

Sorry. I thought nobody would show up. Maybe Thursday? I am really sry about this :frowning:

No problem. I already left long ago.

I would be at Spielbar tonight around 6 or 7
It would be graet to see some of the faces interested in this topic :wink:

How can i find you? I will probably be there (Spielbar) at 7.

Will be at the rear end on one of the tables - red sweater

Just read this post right now :confused: Keep me posted on the outcome of the meeting. DnD 5E would be great for me too :slight_smile:

late to the party but this looks really fun. If you need a wild Hun archer then let me know :smile:

Sorry it took me so long to reply :sweat_smile:
I would be happy to have some more people interested. in the next couple of weeks i guess I can have some stuff ready and if we find enough people.

System will be DnD 5e with some minor adjustments.
I will grant all PCs at least some Qi powers to fit the martial arts history, for the same reason pls consult with me if you want to prepare a character in advance.

Magic will be rare and evil so not much playground for sorcerers.
Some of my thoughts on Qi powers would be:

Hands on healing
Qi harness - like barkskin
Cure poison/desease
dragon fist - aka magic unarmed attack
iron fist - more or less unarmed shield
patient defense - see monk
flurry blows - see monk
Qi leap - double jump height and triple jump distance
3rd Eye - maybe Augury or sth like it
Qi Force - distance unarmed att.
Pure Soul - Adv. or so on WIS/CHA Saves

You would have to choose 2 and each of them costs 1 Qi point, I thought of 1 or 2 in the for all classes in the beginning. Monk would get his natural ones additionally. All others can get more maybe as feat, quest reward etc.

let me know what you think.

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