Would anyone be interested in

I am planning to run an open campaign inspired by “the hunger games”

My campains usually are a bit more combat heavy than most but in this case PvP would be a big part of it

So would anyone be interested in that?

Be warned chars will die!


I would be interested in it, if I can find time :slight_smile:

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Uuuuu, that’s sounds very exciting, I am intrigued, would love to try

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since my 5e campaign is on indefinite hiatus because of real world drama I would potentially be interested.

any plans regarding when and where ?

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I have not decided jet, if enought people are interrested I could probably run it as a V.A.L.U.E campain on a monthly or bi weekly basis and ad a disclaimer in the post to warn people that this includes PvP and that char deaths should be expected

Alternativly I would probably run it over discord