Would a German section be worth it?

Looking for some opinions here.

Would a German speaking forum/section be a nice addition to the members who are already here and/or get any more members here? As we know, the RPG scene here in Vienna is quite large, although I’m sure people already have their forums like this one…

Just a thought :slight_smile:

I think if somebody wants to write in german, they can do so, no need to split the party.

If the German speakers wanted to volunteer their time, a thread (just a thread) to help us who are struggling with the language would be very much appreciated. At least by me.

I sure would spend some time to help getting to know the quirks of German, to any who’d want that help.

Interested in a German one-shot to hone those skills?

My German is nowhere NEAR a role-playing event level. If it was, I would have less trouble applying for jobs :wink:.

Well, consider it a standing offer. :slight_smile: