Who’s in?



So I was listening to Stephen Sondheim and afterwards read something he said about the lyrics which made me think of MWI crossed with PKD along with two old Robert Frost poems I’ve always kind of liked, and possibly something Jerry Cantrell wrote, too, and I thought there might be a game in there somewhere.

So pretty much the usual.

It’s an SF noir mystery. I think.

Sounds interesting, so I’d be in.

@H you see, what have you made with your players?

You offer them a new, undiscovered passage and instead of taking the adventure,
they start to ask questions and check for traps.

Sir, you would definitely earn high ranks in “Ready, Player One” - I got only half of the references

But Robert Frost combined with Alice in Chains already convinced me, I’d be in.

I may have set myself up for this …

But I don’t think there’ll be all that many traps in this one. The main danger is probably that the idea is half-baked and the game will stink.

OK, maybe a couple traps …

Hey, a story featuring a charcter named Aitch? Of course I’m getting high marks!

Besides, I was raised on Kit Williams. I live for that stuff.

To quote @ThatGuyTed : is it a beartrap?

If Ted’s involved, it is definitely, without question, a beartrap.

Well now I feel obligated to join just to ensure that there are going to be beartraps. Sooo depending on the date - I’m in.

Splendid - looking forward to seeing you again!

(This is full now, by the way. Enough players for two groups.)

Also, speaking of insane puzzles like Ready Player One and Masquerade, I picked up a copy of Cain’s Jawbone, Torquemada’s scrambled mystery, at Thalia the other day and plan on giving it a whirl over the next couple weeks. If anybody wants to do likewise and compare notes, drop me a line …

I’d love to give Cain’s Jawbone a go but don’t have the time for a true effort. I do have a Codex Silenda that I can bring to a game session if you ever want to mess with it. No where near as difficult but a cool piece of woodworking. Necronomicon version, of course.

What a nice offer. Thank you very much! I’d love to give the codex a whirl. Sounds like fun!