Wolfsnächte 2024 - October 23th, Gasometer. Let's celebrate the sacred Metal Mass together!

I just got my ticket - and so, I am thinking, why should I go there alone when there are certainly more metalheads around here? And so, asking you: Who wants to join in for the Night of the Werewolves, who wants to perform the Sacrament of Sin this year? :metal:

Supports this year are Wind Rose and Hammerfall. I am particularly looking forwards towards seeing WInd Rose, one of my favourite bands besides Powerwolf.

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Finally, someone with actual taste for music. I will gladly join you, I already have a ticket.


Never heard of them before, but if it’s metal, it can’t be bad :sunglasses: It’s not just a concert, isn’t it?

It is “just” a concert - but of course we can make it so that it is more than just a concert :metal:

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