Who's up for a D&D Tournament?

Just for planning purposes: Who’d be up for a D&D tournament sometime this fall?

We used to have these things annually and they were always kind of fun. For those who haven’t played before: Tournaments are scenarios in which in addition to making your way through the adventure, you’ll also be competing against other teams of players. Once upon a time, this sort of thing was an important part of the RPG scene, and many of the most iconic adventures debuted as tourneys.

Who’s in?


I’ll give it a try. But before I dive head first into things. What system(s) are we talking?

I’d be interested obviously :slight_smile:

system is irrelevant, players don’t need previous knowledge but can generally assume it is a “simple” d&d with the dm knowing how to do stuff

Id be interested aswell

I’d be interested too :slight_smile:

@Mexikorn 5e, I suppose. Modules like the Tomb of Horrors were originally written for tournament play.

sounds fun, I’d like to try it out as well.

It might not be hugely relevant what system we use but I’d like to know beforehand so I can read up on it and prepare myself. I know that H likes to run old school dnd games and I haven’t yet played in them so I don’t know what to expect if he runs it. For all I know it could be massively different

I try to be in … depends on schedule

@Arthilas @Mexikorn likely be a homebrewed Basic Set +; so basically D&D as played in 83’ again

you really don’t need to know the rules

  • every group will have the same character sheets
  • it is more about puzzlesolving
  • “balanced combat encounter” is not a thing
  • exploration and getting treasure is good
  • waking up monsters without defeating them is bad

Count me in :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting - good old school gameplay. Who’s shoulders will be graced by Vecna’s head? Power for a lifetime… :slight_smile:

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Roll for Deception!

Love the idea - actual participation will depend on the timing. Get to properly use caltrops, oil and 10’ poles…

Definitely interested in this

Also remember to properly pay your henchmen after they survived their tour of duty!

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I am in

Sounds like fun, depends on how stressful the rest of my life is when it’s happening

competition? Sure

count me in

The most important hint so far! Also add 50 feet of rope to that.

I’m in obviously (and this time @Alrik , @Darthbinks and Tom (please somebody summon him besides calling out loud “Pathfinder!”) maybe should be in separate teams)

Thanks for the interest!

Systemwise, it’ll probably be Basic (Moldvay B/X for all the sticklers) with add-ons (classes, spells, monsters, etc) from AD&D. But as Tersidian said, ‘system mastery’ isn’t really the point here.

It won’t be 5th ed., even though that’s the hip thing currently, for a number of reasons. This whole thing started as an experiment to recreate a form of role-playing that’s pretty much extinct, and it’s kind of fun to do so in the original form. There have been conversions of some of the old tournament stuff, but in general, they aren’t great. D&D post-2nd ed. also frontloaded quite a bit of the skill and strategy of the game, which isn’t really what I’m looking to do here. Besides, I’m probably even worse at running 5th ed. than I am at other games, and I don’t think anybody wants that.

If you want to dive in and prepare - which I think is wicked awesome - the best place to start is probably simply by talking to some people who have played these things before. I’m happy to answer any questions I can, but a player perspective might be more useful. I’m sure there’s also lots of stuff on the Net.

Are old school games massively different? Some people tend to think so, others don’t. You’ll probably have to make up your own mind about that one. :slight_smile:

… but waking up monsters and rolling a 20 just before they rip out your intestines is badass! Ah, memories …

And speaking of Original Tom, he goes by Thopthes here.

Vecna? I was going to go with goblins and medium-sized rats, but if you insist …