Who wants to playtest something new?

Hello again everybody,

I will get straight to the point not to waste your time: I’ve been developing a rpg system with a friend of mine in my free time, and was wondering if anybody would be interested in playtesting it. I’d be more than happy for any feedback, and since it’s only an early draft of about thirty pages or so, I’d also be happy to improve all of it.

The main focus of it is the casting of home made magic spells, and the (suggested) setting fot the start of campaigns a University for scholars of magic. For more infos, feel free to ask.

If you’re interested I’d be delighted to send you a copy of it, and if there is a bit of interest I might even get to GM a round - or maybe I’ll be a player?

Anyways, have a nice day,



feel free to send me a copy :slight_smile:

Sure, I’d be interested

Sure, hit me.

Same here!

Interesting, thanks.

Would you prefer feedback here or via PM?

To be honest however you like.

I wouldn’t mind having a look at it, as well. If I am not too late, of course.

What is the meaning of this? Give us (the very curious readers) some feedback too XD.

Any other System/movie you would say is an inspiration?

This is currently on hold, since I’m home (Italy) for Christmas and don’t know if or when I will come back…

There is a lot of stuff that inspired me, and I think most of it came from different systems and a few animé. To name a few: Vampires the Masquerade, The Chtulhu mythos and lovecraft (the books, tho, haven’t come around to play - shame on me), but also a lot of lighter and more cheerful stuff like the world of Little Witch Academia.
I focused on making magic fun to use, but there is also a lot of non-magic worlds and options for players to go into classes without magic.

If you’re really interested, I can send you a draft of the core rules and lore :slight_smile:

Yeah I would be interested, but I also would be interested what the others said on this project^^

I love Little witch academia btw

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It was generally well received - at least in my opinion - when I ran a oneshot. Not much magic in there, tho.
There was a lot of feedback that I already incorporated, but one can never have enough of that.

I’ll hit you up with the files :blush: