Where is the Dungeon World DM?

I heard that there is a Dungeon World DM around here who offered DW rounds on friday evenings. I was interested in playing dungeon world if a game was offered.
I played and facilitated DW-Games only a few times, but it is the one game that brought me back to ttrpg.


Welcome! I know that @Unsniped has run Dungeon World, including on some friday nights. But I dont know if that is the person you have heard about.

That was indeed me; if we can get enough folks for some one shots I’m down to run


What was the best way to gather peeps? Should I change the title to “Who wants to play Dungeon World?”
By the way @unsniped what is your min/max for players?

You could ask in the threads for the friday games. Bringing a few extra character sheets could be good in case some people want to join spontaneous (the who-plays-at-which-table setup is not set in stone).

4/6 probably

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